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Sharon Cuneta Apologizes To Her Fans

In an open letter on her official Facebook account, Megastar Sharon Cuneta apologized to her fans for letting them down because she allowed herself to get fat and she lost interest in showbiz.

Sharon said that she made mistakes that affected all that she has worked for in the past 36 years. But although she became complacent, she never lost her faith in God and in her fans. However, she didn't realize that she already lost her faith in herself.

She lost the "hunger" to be on top of the showbiz industry because she has a loving family and a peaceful home. She was focused on her children too much that she wasn't able to take care of the talents that God blessed her with.

Sharon said she went through a "rebellious" stage in her life when she underwent a midlife crisis. Because she was fat, she hated the way she looked and she limited herself to accepting roles although she can do so much more.

She didn't realize that time was passing her by. She now wanted to go "back to basics," although she is not promising anything yet.

Sharon said her bashers might attack her again after this post, but she doesn't care anymore if they cannot recognize that her words are coming from her heart and they were not said to protect a certain "image."

Sharon is one of the celebrities who was usually hit by her critics. Because of this, there were a lot of times that she answered back on social media. Sharon said there were times in the past that she didn't know how to stand up for herself, so she let others say what they want to say about her.

But those moments are over. She can now defend herself from her staunch critics, especially when they are spreading false rumors against her. "I cry when I'm sad, I laugh uncontrollably when I'm happy, I am frank and say what I think when any part of my person or property is violated."

She said it was painful for her to be the target of critics when she was just trying to be herself. She is not perfect, and she knows she has her faults, but God knows she always tries her best.

She has the same mission statement--to show and inspire others to be real like herself. Every once in a while, she knows that she will fall, but she also knows how to get back up.

In the end, Sharon thanked those who have stood by her and supported her in this ordeal.

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Sharon Cuneta Apologizes To Her Fans

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