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Valerie Concepcion's Daughter Doesn't Want To Meet Her Father

Valerie Concepcion's daughter, Fiona, refused to meet her biological father. Valerie said she doesn't want t force her daughter to recognize her father, so she just told her to tell her when she's ready to meet him.

Valerie has no contact with Fiona's father, but someone told her that he wants to meet Fiona. She asked Fiona about it, but she doesn't really care because she never met him. She also told her daughter that she doesn't need to love her father, but she needs to respect him too.

She doesn't know what happened to him already, but her sister sent her a picture of him in a marathon. The picture was from Facebook.

When the time comes that Fiona's father wants to meet her, Valerie said she doesn't have to face him. She has long forgiven him even though he never asked for forgiveness.

She is just thankful that they were never wed. If he asked her back then, she would have said yes, and she never would have grown to be the person she is now.

Fiona's father is a relative of Ali Sotto. One day, when Bossing Vic Sotto saw Valerie and Fiona in one event, he commented that his "granddaughter" has already gotten big. They took a picture together.

Valerie, however, said that Vic or even Ali never mentioned Fiona's father. She clarified that Fiona's father's relative is Ali, and not the Sottos. Ali is the former wife of Vic's brother, Maru.

Although she never met Ali, Valerie said that someone told her the family wanted to get to know Fiona even if her father doesn't want to, or even if Fiona is not ready to meet him yet.

Valerie said she wants her daughter to meet her other family, too. Her family, however, is very sensitive to what happened before.

Meanwhile, she is now busy pursuing her studies like her daughter. The actress said that they sometimes have the same lessons because Fiona's school is really advanced.

She takes her homework to the set of "My BFF" with her, so her co-stars, Manilyn Reynes and Janno Gibbs, even help her with the assignments.

Fiona wants to be a flight attendant, but Valerie wants her to be a doctor just like the actress’ boyfriend. Valerie said Fiona is very proud of her "tito," who's a doctor. She even wants them to get married already.

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Valerie Concepcion's Daughter Doesn't Want To Meet Her Father

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