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Maricar De Mesa Says Don Allado May Be Guilty Of Cheating

Reports reached Maricar de Mesa that her estranged husband Don Allado may have had an affair during the time they were still together. Maricar and Don are now pursuing an annulment case.

Maricar said she's still trying to move on. Part of this is not following Don on any social networking accounts. She is still angry with the fact that Don was the one who ended their marriage.

The actress also warned that Don should be careful in terms of the rumors reaching her that he had an affair while they were still living with each other.

Maricar earlier said a third party did not cause their breakup. They separated in May of this year.

Maricar said she knows the "third party" involved, and she is not from showbiz. She is not her friend, but she is an acquaintance. As far as she knows, they even have the same name.

She doesn't want to talk to Don or to the girl about what she found out because she doesn't want to stoop down to their level. She hasn't spoken to her attorney about it, but she doesn't plan to bring this matter to the court.

Maricar wants to have a happy life now, and she certainly wants to move on from what happened.

She just wished she would never see Don because she doesn't know what she would do to him after everything she found out. Maricar said it also doesn't look like her estranged husband cares at all about what she knows or what her feelings are about these things.

They have already started settling the matter of their conjugal properties, Maricar said.

If Don already moved on to another relationship, Maricar, for her part, said she hasn't opened her doors to anyone just yet. She only runs to her "true friends" now that she's down. She is grateful to them because they have stood by her side and they fought for her.

Maricar is also planning to move out from the house she shared with Don. She can't be there, she said. She will move out in a few months; that's what she is working right now.

She also plans to be a part of a movie for the Metro Manila Film Festival this year.

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Maricar De Mesa Says Don Allado May Be Guilty Of Cheating

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