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Derek Ramsay Denies Allegations By Estranged Wife Mary Christine Jolly

Derek Ramsay denied the allegations made by his estranged wife, Mary Christine Jolly, in the counter-affidavit he submitted in relation to the RA 9262 case against him.

RA 9262 stands for the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act. Mary Christine alleged that she and their 11-year-old son suffered from financial and psychological abuse.

Derek submitted the counter-affidavit on August 20 at the Makati Prosecutor's Office. This is in response to the allegations by Mary Christine that he was an irresponsible father to Austin, their son.

The actor described his estranged wife as "irresponsible and childish," has mood swings, and can be physically and verbally abusive. She also allegedly had violent tendencies, had no respect towards others and was extremely possessive and paranoid.

When Mary Christine gets mad, she would physically abuse Derek because she knows he would never retaliate. She would then inflict physical harm on herself when he refused to react to her mood.

Mary Christine said in her affidavit that Derek was possessive and jealous. Derek said that his estranged wife often suspects him of womanizing even when he was just doing his job. That's why Mary Christine would always accompany him to work.

On one occasion, Mary Christine hit him on his face, so he would not be able to work. She would even destroy the furniture in their apartment where they lived in. One time, she even threatened to commit suicide.

She even carved the words "I hate Derek" on her forearm, the actor said. He then realized she has suicidal tendencies. She once hanged by the window of the fourth floor of Makati Executive Suites, threatening to jump.

Mary Christine was also allegedly disrespectful of Derek's parents. Despite all of these, the actor said he tried to salvage their marriage. They were married on March 21, 2002 in Balagtas, Bulacan.

Derek admitted in his counter-affidavit that he has an 11-year-old son named Austin. Mary Christine was previously pregnant with their first child but she allegedly had this aborted because she doesn't want to change her lifestyle.

That was not the first time Mary Christine had an abortion because she also did it with her previous relationship, Derek alleged.

In 2011, he was able to confirm through a DNA test that Austin was really his son. He was then eight years old. Mary Christine said Derek only saw Austin four times since 2011--one hour for each of that time. Derek was always out of the country, she added.

Derek said he reached out to Mary Christine, but she didn't want him to see Austin unless Derek gives in to a lot of her demands. He presented a screenshot of his and his estranged wife's text exchanges.

The actor also denied Mary Christine's allegations that he did not support Austin. He was never delayed in giving the support needed. He added that he gave the support six months in advance.

"How will I then be delayed in making the payments if I have already given them in advance?"

Attached in the counter-affidavit are the receipts, money transfer and bank transactions made for Austin. She also received P5 million as alimony after their separation.

Derek said it saddens him that Mary Christine resorted to baseless claims in an attempt to obtain more monetary reward from him. He alleged that Mary Christine was trying to make Derek her automated teller machine (ATM).

He also revealed that Mary Christine traveled four times with her new boyfriend while she only went out once with their son.

Derek also answered the allegations regarding the old laptop given to their son. Mary Christine said Derek gave Austin an old laptop of his when the latter asked for an iPad. When it broke down, the actor gave his son another old laptop previously used by his then girlfriend Angelica Panganiban.

Derek said he gave two laptops to Austin--one was a new one and the other was his personal laptop with soccer stickers. Mary Christine used these laptops but he demanded for a new one because she wants a MacBook Air.

Mary Christine's reply-affidavit is expected to be filed on September 4.

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Derek Ramsay Denies Allegations By Estranged Wife Mary Christine Jolly

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