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Sharon Cuneta Clears Issue About Midlife Crisis

Sharon Cuneta's post about her midlife crisis when she was 40 to 42 years old earned positive comments from netizens and the support of her fans. However, the Megastar wants to clarify that she is not going through a midlife crisis now, and that she was done with it already.

On her post on August 18, Sharon apologized to her fans and supporters because she gained weight and she lost interest on her career.

Sharon also revealed she underwent depression.

On her Facebook post on August 21, the Megastar clarified she was done with her midlife crisis during her early 40s. She is now 48 years old. She asked her supporters not to be worried about her. She also thanked them for their support.

Even though she has gone through challenges in her personal and professional life, Sharon said she's doing fine with the help of her family and friends.

"Besides my size, I have long been back to being 'me,' maybe a different me, but a stronger, kinder, more considerate and more appreciative, maybe even a little wiser me than before."

Sharon had a habit of answering back to her bashers on social sites. Some said she was a little too defensive.

Sharon explained that her being fat meant her size has been "overpowered" by her personal happiness. That's the best thing about what she has gone through--she knows her family still comes first for her.

She has a "wonderful family," so she knows that after the limelight fades, they will still remain beside her.

She is a happy wife and mother, and it keeps her real. She is happy and fulfilled, but she just doesn't want to be fat because she cannot wear the clothes she likes and she doesn't want to face health issues again.

Also, Sharon highlighted that there are demands from showbiz she has to meet if she wants to continue working in it.

She had to write the first open letter because she felt that she let her fans and supporters down. She wanted to let them now that she's fine and that she's preparing something for them.

Even though she became fat and not "leading lady" material, Sharon said she is "not useless" and she's feeling much better now because of her fans' and supporters' encouraging messages.

Sharon was last seen in 2009's "Mano Po 6: Mother's Love." On television, she last did TV5's "Madam Chariman" and "The Mega and The Songwriter."

The Megastar said she will be doing some projects very soon, although she cannot give details yet.

Again, Sharon thanked her supporters for their love and understanding. "A loved one told me many, many years ago that as long as the people who love you and whom you love know and understand you, that is all that matters. Everyone else is just that—everyone else."

Sharon talked about her legacy, which she believes is still "well and intact."

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Sharon Cuneta Clears Issue About Midlife Crisis

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