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Chynna Ortaleza Denies Rumors Linking Her To Benjamin Alves

Chynna Ortaleza shrugged off rumors that she and Benjamin Alves are an item. She laughed that recently, the actor was linked to LJ Reyes.

That happened because they were seen watching the indie films "The Janitor" and "Mariquina" together with LJ, Glaiza de Castro and direk Rick Davao, Chynna said.

They have a chat group where Benjamin even joked that LJ should have told him he has plans to court her, referring to an article about them.

Chynna said she and Benjamin are just friends, and they enjoy each other's companies because they have a lot of common interests like literature and films.

The actress recently starred in the indie film "Hustisya" with Nora Aunor. She also did "Asintado." Now, Chynna will be doing another indie film entitled "Dementia." She will star alongside the Superstar again.

Chynna said her role is someone who is psychologically disturbed in the movie, although it does not mean that she's crazy. She has a disorder from childhood--she doesn't know how to respect and recognize authority.

The film was set in the 1900s, so people back then weren't open yet to the possibility that she may have mental disorder and that is why her character is like that. Nora will play her older sister.

People very well know that indie films don't offer much in terms of compensation, but Chynna has already found a good balance to her career. She knows she must do shows on television, so she will be able to save something for the future, but doing indie films is already a big part of her.

She also chooses her TV projects well like "Dading." She is proud of the series because it rates well, it has a good script and it has a good grasp of the characters.

They are all happy, especially for Gabby Eigenman because he waited a long time to be in a leading role.

Chynna said that she saves enough money from her televisio shows, so that she will have enough when indie films are offered to her. She stretches it out while she's doing an indie movie.

Although there is not much difference between an indie film and a soap opera, Chynna said aking indie films is her outlet. It also has a different attack: in television, she has to be expressive because she's always trying to get the viewers hooked (watching television has many distractions); in indie films, the audience is hooked already, so it allows her to have more freedom in terms of acting and expressing her emotions.

Since Chynna is already talking about choices, she was asked if she would rather have a closet gay boyfriend or a boyfriend who has a gay mistress?

The actress said if her boyfriend is someone like Carding, Gabby's character in "Dading," then he is better than other macho guys out there.

In "Dading," Carding adopts Beth's (Glaiza) baby with Joemar (Benjamin). If her boyfriend would be like Carding, then it's fine with Chynna.

The actress said she doesn't have a gaydar or gay radar. She was even surprised when two of her cousins came out recently that they were homosexual.

Although she is not closing her doors to the possibility of falling in love with someone who's gay, Chynna said she would rather not have that complication in her life.

"Yung normal relationship nga masakit na sa ulo..."

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Chynna Ortaleza Denies Rumors Linking Her To Benjamin Alves

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