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Heart Evangelista And Chiz Escudero Want An Intimate Wedding

Senator Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista have yet to tresh out the details of their "intimate" wedding that will probably happen next year. There is no date yet, and they have not finalized anything with their suppliers.

Heart is now cooperating with her wedding coordinator and suppliers, the senator said, adding that he leaves it up to her to decide on the kind of wedding she likes.

Rumors persisted that they will hold their wedding in Balesin Island in Quezon Province, but Heart said they are not sure about that because it would be hard to transport their guests.

The couple said they want to keep their wedding "intimate" and not too much a "circus." They also prefer to keep the guests to a minimum--family and close friends. Of course, they'll also have a separate party for all their friends from politics and showbiz.

Senator Chiz said it would be difficult to combine the two industries. It would be a riot for sure.

Meanwhile, Heart said she's happy she finally settled her issues with her parents, Rey and Cecile Ongpauco. Rey already congratulated the couple on their engagement while Heart and Cecile had a heart-to-heart talk.

They ate, shopped and talked, Heart said, adding that her mother changed a lot because she has already mellowed down. It was very different to talk to her now because they didn't have a good parting of ways when they had the issue about the senator.

Rey and Cecile disapproved of Senator Chiz.

Cecile asked Heart when will the wedding be, and the actress just told her that it might be early next year in February. Cecile said it's too near, and she's stressed out with the preparations.

Heart said they're taking their reconciliation one day at a time. She added that no matter what happens, she will always understand and love her parents.

They came at a point that there was no need to settle any differences already because they have already forgiven each other. They may not have similar views, but the most important thing is they are okay with each other.

Life is too short, the actress said, so she doesn't want to waste time arguing anymore. Whether or not her parents will attend her wedding, Heart said she'll be okay with their decision.

Heart is hopeful that her parents will be the one to take her to the altar and give her away, but her dad told her that he couldn't imagine letting go of her.

Senator Chiz has yet to talk to Heart's parents, but the actress said she believes the right time will come for that.

In the end, the senator said that he might not be as talented as Heart's other ex-boyfriends, but he will make sure to make the actress happy.

Heart joked he's not as "macho... matsu... Matsunaga," referring to ex-boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga. The senator said when Heart agreed to marry him, he already felt like a Big Winner. Daniel won as "Pinoy Big Brother All In" Big Winner.

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Heart Evangelista And Chiz Escudero Want An Intimate Wedding

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