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Rocco Nacino's Parents Want Lovi Poe For Their Son

Ralph and Linda Nacino said Lovi Poe is perfect for their son, Rocco Nacino, because she's down to earth and has a very good sense of humor.

When you see them together, Rocco can actually make Lovi laugh, and that's what's good about them. Ralph said Rocco has always been very open to them, especially when it comes to people he's involved with.

In fact, Rocco doesn't need to tell them anymore about his relationship with Lovi because they can see how happy the two are together. Linda, for her part, said she likes Lovi for Rocco.

They usually spend time with the couple by going to Church after "Sunday All Stars," and to dinner after attending Mass. This usually happens as long as Lovi doesn't have previous commitments.

They advised them to put God in the center of their relationship. However, Linda said that as long as their son is happy, then they are happy for him too. They can see that they have a positive effect to each other.

They first met Lovi on the set of "Mistaken Identity" in Coron in 2011. Rocco then has just won as Second Prince in "Starstruck V." They were quite nervous that time because Rocco was just starting in the business.

They sensed that there was a spark between Rocco and Lovi, but they never commented on it. They said it's great that the foundation of their relationship is friendship.

When they next met Lovi after Rocco revealed they are together, Ralph said they were still feeling a little jittery but they got over it.

They said that the two are still in the getting-to-know-you stage. Linda told them it's a lifetime process. Even husbands and wives still find out something new about their partners.

However, when it comes to settling down, Rocco assured them it will take some time for him to think about that. Rocco wants to go back to medical school and be a doctor while Lovi is still focused on her career as an actress.

They both have different priorities for now in terms of their individual goals. They like Lovi, though, because she has already made a name for herself.

As long as their relationship inspires them, then Ralph said they will be supportive to Rocco and Lovi.

They are also proud of Rocco because he's being recognized as a legitimate actor. Rocco was part of the independent movie, "Hustisya." When he joined "Starstruck," they weren't expecting that he will win, so they are very thankful to GMA network for taking care of his career and giving him good projects.

They do not regret that Rocco never practiced his nursing degree. He finished nursing from the Mapua Institute of Technology. Linda said Rocco refreshed himself always with knowledge. When he did "Out Of Control," he was very happy because they discussed medical cases there. Rocco even brought along his books to the set.

They are proud of him because he finished a college degree first before joining showbiz. It makes him more responsible in making decisions.

Linda said Rocco always assures them that it'll be a long time before he gives them grandchildren.

However, she knows that showbiz is not a permanent thing, so they always advise him to seize the opportunities while they're here. Linda told her son that only the "good ones" stay in showbiz.

Rocco is saving up and preparing for the future when he's no longer in showbiz, his mother said.

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Rocco Nacino's Parents Want Lovi Poe For Their Son

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