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Cesca Litton Says Wedding Issue Is With Balesin Management, Not With Heart-Chiz

TV personality Cesca Litton cleared Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero from the issue that her February 14, 2015 wedding to non-showbiz boyfriend Tyke Kalaw was bumped off because of the celebrity-politician couple.

Cesca earlier admitted that her wedding in Balesin was cancelled because the exclusive resort chose instead to give their schedule to Heart and Chiz. But she said that the issue is not Heart nor Chiz, but the way Balesin handled it.

Robert Ongpin, the owner of Balesin, said in a statement that he was the one who offered the date to Heart and Chiz even before they got engaged. In fact, Robert was the one who should approve events in the resort.

According to Tyke's post on Instagram, they were trying to pay the reservation fee for February 14, 2015 as early as May this year, but the management said that it's up to Ongpin to approve their event. They, however, maintained that date was still open.

Cesca and Tyke pushed on with planning their wedding there, even doing ocular inspections and food tasting on the site. But on August 30, their wedding coordinator told them that Balesin approved Heart's and Chiz's wedding on February 14, 2015.

Later on, reports said the celebrity's and senator's wedding will be on February 15, 2014. Heart and Chiz said they had nothing to do with the bumping off of Cesca's wedding.

Tyke, a member of the resort, said he was frustrated upon learning that Robert approved Heart's and Chiz's wedding and thereby, effectively cancelling theirs. However, he asked netizens to stop bugging Cesca and let them prepare for their wedding.

Cesca, for her part, said no bride deserves bashing, judging or the unsolicited advice of people who know nothing. She asked netizens to let them move on to planning their respective weddings, and to wish them a happy life ahead because "marriage is such a beautiful blessing."

It was Cesca's friend, Ria Gamboa, who started the fire after posting on Facebook that her "friend's" wedding was bumped off by a celebrity-politician's. Comments immediately assumed the other party was Heart and Chiz, even though the newly engaged couple said they haven't finalized the details of their wedding.

Incidentally, Heart and Cesca are both former girlfriends of Kapamilya actor Jericho Rosales. Heart earlier said she was trying to reach out to Cesca through their common friends, but there was no report whether or not they were able to talk to each other.

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Cesca Litton Says Wedding Issue Is With Balesin Management, Not With Heart-Chiz

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