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Jed Madela Will Visit Rachelle Ann Go In London

Jed Madela will visit his friend, Rachelle Ann Go, in London to watch her performance of "Miss Saigon." Rachelle is one of the lead casts of the West End production.

Jed will be in London this October. He originally planned to watch her this month, but he has "Himig Handog" to take care of. "Himig Handog" is the songwriting competition of ABS-CBN. Jed will interpret one of the songs.

Although he doesn't have shows scheduled in London, Jed promised Rachelle that he will watch her perform. Reports said Jed tried to woo Rachelle before.

Jed will also watch Mark Bautista's performance in "Here Lies Love," another West End production. He's proud of Mark and Rachelle for achieving what they have so far.

He said Rachelle is being praised in London for her performance and for her looks. He's very proud of her for making her own name in the industry. She's one of the most talented artists in the Philippines, he added.

Jed said they became really close before, but they have a better relationship now because they can talk about anything under the sun.

He's not thinking yet of settling down despite his friend, Erik Santos, finding a kindred soul in Angeline Quinto.

A lot have been asking why Jed doesn't seem to have relationships, but he said that he just tries not to divulge anything. When people ask him, he just says that he has no current relationship.

But for now, the singer said he's really not with anyone. He's more focused on his career now because one never knows when the opportunities coming his way will suddenly stop.

Meanwhile, this is the first time Jed will be an interpreter for "Himig Handog." He was a judge last year. He didn't want to accept the offer to interpret a song at first because he felt pressured to win.

In the end, Jed will interpret "If You Don't Want To Fall," which was written by Jude Gitamondoc of Cebu City. In this song, Jed didn't need to hit any high notes because it was more focused on the simple words and the melody.

The meaning of the song will what make it standout. He's happy that this particular song was offered to him. "Everybody can relate to the song kasi napagdadaanan ng lahat, in love ka sa isang tao pero ayaw niya sa iyo."

It was a challenge for him not to hit any high notes because he was more used to it. When they were recording the song, he always had to stop himself from letting his emotions out through high notes.

It was more difficult to be a judge than to be an interpreter. It's just stressful to think that it's a competition still.

Most of Jed's competitors are new in the music industry, but the singer said he's also a fan of KZ Tandingan, Morisette Amon, Bugoy Drilon and Jovit Baldivino.

"But it’s not about seniority, it’s the quality of a talent na nailalabas na sobrang bilib ako sa kanilang lahat."

Jed said the competition is more difficult for the judges this year because last year was extreme. There was an early winner last year while this season, almost all of the songs are beautiful in their own right.

Morisette's song is one of the favorites, Jed said, adding that he always sees it trending on Twitter. It was written by Francis Louis Salazar, who Jed has already worked with in the past.

There is a trend now that those who can hit high notes are better singers. It's not about the "birit," Jed said, but how you interpret the songs and how you touched the hearts of the people.

Even in the World Championship of the Performing Arts, where he won in 2005, he noticed that the judges didn't notice those with high notes. The standout performances are those from people whose voices are very pleasing to the ears.

Jed feels it's his responsibility to make people realize that hitting the high notes doesn't make one a great singer. Sometimes, when he performs, he tries to stop himself from too much "birit."

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Jed Madela Will Visit Rachelle Ann Go In London

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