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Bettina Carlos Denies Relationship With Raymart Santiago

Bettina Carlos said there is no reason for her to live in Raymart Santiago's house because she, in fact, has two houses. Netizens concluded that the two are living in together because of the pictures they posted on Instagram.

The photos showed their houses almost have the same tiles, flooring, walls, furniture, etc.

Bettina said she doesn't know where the rumors began. Just the other day, they are rumored as boyfriend-girlfriend. Now, they are living in already? she lamented.

The house in the Instagram photo was Raymart's condo unit. The actor invited her and other "Villa Quintana" co-stars. Raymart doesn't want his house to be pictured, so Bettina simply took a picture of her baby and a pet with the condo as a background.

Bettina said she and Raymart are good friends. They don't talk about the rumors because they know there's no truth to it.

She's not new to the industry. She's been here 10 or 11 years already, and she knows how to handle these kinds of things. Of course, there are times it gets tiring to answer questions about her and Raymart.

Bettina also explained rumors that she cooks for Raymart. She loves to bake, she said, so during "Villa Quintana" days, she brings cupcakes for the cast and crew.

In fact, Raymart is not fond of eating sweets because he's trying to watch his weight, Bettina said.

Is it possible for her to accept Raymart as a suitor? He's not closing her doors on anyone, but it all depends on who will take the risk with her and who she will fall in love with.

When it comes to Raymart, Bettina understands the situation he's in with estranged wife Claudine Barretto. She doesn't want to meddle in their issue because it might be a dangerous thing.

If ever, Raymart needs to get annulled first before she enters into a relationship with him.

Bettina was asked if she heard anything from Claudine's camp. She doesn't know if anything has been said about her, although she cannot judge anyone. She also doesn't want to be bothered by rumors.

There is no reason for anyone to bash or criticize her, or even her faith as a Christian.

She cannot control people who put malice into everything they do. But as far as she's concerned, she and Raymart are just friends.

Meanwhile, Bettina said she rarely goes out so how can she meet anyone? Her world revolves around her child, her work and her baking. She practically lives in her kitchen.

When the time comes that God will provide someone for her, then that's the time she will be open to dating again.

Gummy's father is not from showbiz. He and Bettina broke up when Gummy was just six months old. Bettina said she doesn't ask financial assistance from him because she can provide for her child.

Bettina will one day explain to Gummy everything.

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Bettina Carlos Denies Relationship With Raymart Santiago

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