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Solenn Heussaff Says Erik Matti-Lovi Poe Rift Is Just A Misunderstanding

Solenn Heussaff commented on the rift between Direk Erik Matti and her good friend, Lovi Poe. Solenn said the rift may just be a misunderstanding between the two camps.

Solenn and Lovi share the same manager, Leo Dominguez. Direk Erik lamented on his Facebook post that although it was under contract, Lovi did not fulfill his obligations to complete a two-day shoot for "Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles."

Lovi and Dingdong Dantes starred in the first installment of the series, "Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles." The movie came out in 2012 also under the direction of Direk Erik.

Lovi was supposed to reprise her role for the beginning of the movie, although Dingdong's character already has a new leading lady in Isabelle Daza.

Direk Erik alleged that Lovi will only agree to do the two-day film if she will be paid handsomely.

Solenn said she was surprised by the issue after she read about it. The model-actress added that although she hasn't worked with Direk Erik, she heard he was really good. They were supposed to work before for a movie under Regal Films, but this did not progress.

She may not be able to work with Direk Erik because he doesn't want to work with talents under Leo anymore. Lovi is not after the money, Solenn said, adding that the actress has done many cameo roles already and she wasn't paid for them.

It must be something else, the actress-model said. This is the first time something like this happened to Lovi, so it might be something deeper that the public and even Direk Erik have no idea about.

Solenn said she understands Direk Erik even though the issue became personal to him that he announced he won't be working with any of Leo's talents.

"Tiktik" received good feedbacks before, so Solenn understands that the director is pressured.

Direk Erik and Lovi might just need to talk in person. Solenn also said Leo is an "okay" manager because he also allows her to do cameo roles.

Meanwhile, Solenn is also happy for her friend Heart Evangelista who just got engaged to Senator Chiz Escudero. She added that although she wasn't there during the actual proposal, she learned it from Georgina Wilson and from Lovi's Instagram post.

She thought Senator Chiz was going to propose during his and Heart's vacation in Paris, but this did not happen. The proposal in Sorsogon with their friends and loved ones is actually simple and perfect.

Heart and her mom also mended their differences, so everything's perfect for her friend. Aside from that, they are going to get married next year, so Solenn said it was like a whirlwind romance.

Solenn said the engagements of celebrity couples recently should not pressure her boyfriend, Argentinian Nico Bolzico. If ever Nico decides to propose to her, Solenn will be saying "yes" to him, of course.

But, the model-actress said she will not announce her engagement unless someone sees her ring.

They have been together for four years, and they have been living in together for three years. She's also 30 years old next year, so Solenn is ready for that next step in her life.

Nico is "the one" for her already, Solenn said.

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Solenn Heussaff Says Erik Matti-Lovi Poe Rift Is Just A Misunderstanding

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