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Billy Crawford Apologizes But Says He Sees Nothing Wrong With What He Did

Billy Crawford apologized for his actions in a community precinct in Taguig City on Sunday at 4AM.

Billy is facing charges of “malicious mischief, resisting arrest and disobedience" for allegedly punching a desk officer and damaging a sliding glass door in the community precinct.

The TV host-actor wanted to clarify the speculations about the Taguig incident. The truth is, Billy was not in a fight with anyone when he went to the community precinct to ask for assistance.

He just had a few drinks and he was under the influence of alcohol. He went to the precinct because he wants them to hold him up, so he won't get into a fight. The police, however, cannot hold him because he did nothing wrong.

Billy said he went outside the precinct to talk with some people, but he came back inside to talk to the officer-on-duty. While he was talking to the desk officer, he accidentally broke a glass.

He doesn't remember if he punched, hit or kicked the wall. That was the time the police held him up and put him inside the cell. He stood up and pushed the officer.

Billy maintained he didn't punch anyone. "I’d rather myself be held na lang kesa makasakit pa ako or maaksidente pa ko or makabangga pa ako."

Being under the influence of alcohol was his fault and responsibility. He didn't fight with anyone. The actor-TV host, who just came from the Star Magic Ball 2014 party when the incident happened, said he was under a lot of stress and fatigue, so he was feeling tired.

Billy said he sees nothing wrong with what he did aside from the fact that he was actually aggressive. It's a good thing it didn't happen in a bar or somewhere else.

"It happened in a precinct and the reason why is, because I knew for a fact that I needed to be controlled."

He wants to apologize again to the officers if he said anything derogatory. He already talked to the police, and they were helpful to him. All they want for him to do is undergo drug test, and he's willing to do it.

Billy said he was irresponsible for drinking more than he can handle.

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Billy Crawford Apologizes But Says He Sees Nothing Wrong With What He Did

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