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Rocco Nacino Doesn't Want To Comment About Direk Erik-Lovi Issue

Rocco Nacino refused to comment when asked about the controversy involving his girlfriend, Lovi Poe, and Direk Erik Matti.

Direk Erik lambasted Lovi for failing to fulfill her contract to complete a two-day shoot for the second installment of "Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles." He said Lovi only agreed to do the two-day role if she will be paid handsomely.

Rocco said Lovi is special to him, so he's very upset that this happened to her. Of course, he was surprised with what happened, and he's hoping that everything will be settled soon.

Lovi is taking it well, and he promised to support his girlfriend. He also promised her that he won't talk about the issue.

Rocco wants to see Lovi happy by making her smile and laugh. He said that Lovi is confident that everything will be settled once both parties talked about it.

What Rocco can do is to be there for Lovi, to back her up and to support and listen to her.

He doesn't want to say anything or interfere into the issue because he is not in the position to do so. He is sure, though, that Leo Dominguez, Lovi's manager, is doing all he can to fix the issue.

Direk Erik also criticized Leo for the role he played in Lovi's turndown of the shooting days.

On the other hand, Rocco read about his parents interview about Lovi. His parents said they are happy for the couple, and they usually spend time with them during weekends.

Rocco said it's a good way to cap off the week. There was no effort needed to make sure Lovi becomes close to his parents. It's just a natural flow of things, he added.

The actor feels lucky that his parents are supportive of his relationship. They usually are when it comes to people important to Rocco, he said.

He maintained, however, that he doesn't want to compare his past relationships to his current relationship.

Meanwhile, Rocco began taping scenes for the war scenes of GMA-7's newest teleserye, "Hiram Na Alaala." He will star here with Kris Bernal and Dennis Trillo.

He feels excited for the movie because he is enjoying the fight scenes such as firing a gun, as well as handling and dismantling it.

The actor is slowly getting to know Dennis and Kris. He and Dennis taped scenes in Nueva Ecija. This is the second time they worked together after "Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak."

In "Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak," he and Dennis became friends, so that's still the way they are now. They talk about mixed martial arts, their scenes and their training.

All three of them have a good relationship, Rocco added. He already worked with Kris in "Koreana" and "Time of my Life," so it's easier for them to work now because they are already familiar with each other's style.

Rocco is not only busy with his projects, he also ventured into fight promotions with his partner Chris Tan. They put up a fight promotions company, the Elorde Boxing Championship, and partnered with GMA-7 and Mall of Asia. They will have a fight event on September 27.

Rocco already invited a lot of celebrities such as Lovi and Dennis. Pinoy fighters and a featherweight Japanese champion will also be at the event. The actor wants the event to target the younger crowd.

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Rocco Nacino Doesn't Want To Comment About Direk Erik-Lovi Issue

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