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Karylle Is Enjoying The Married Life

Karylle is the picture of a happily married woman. Although there are still adjustments they have to make, the singer-TV host maintained that each discovery is a pleasure.

Yael Yuzon, her husband, loves to cook but he is not good at it. He and Karylle are just learning the ins and outs of the kitchen. Karylle said they go grocery shopping together and they also clean their own place.

At first, she was always falling ill because she was stressed out by the idea of what she has to do. Later on, everything becomes easy.

It's nice to be married, Karylle said, adding that they watch shows and series. It's also nice to wake up together and see him beside her.

Karylle appreciates that Yael is even the one to arrange their movie dates with their friends. He also invites her friends over because he knows she misses them.

Now, they are finishing a song they're writing together as their anniversary gift for each other.

Karylle said they are not planning to have a baby anytime soon because they still want to enjoy their married life.

The singer-TV host was supposed to participate in "The Naked Truth," Bench's underwear show, but she won't be able to attend it because she has "It's Showtime" shows in Canada.

It's a shame because she even asked her friend, Divine Lee, to teach her how to catwalk. It would have been a dream come true for her, and it is exciting for everyone, Karylle said.

Yael is super supportive and understanding of this side of her. She asked him if it was alright for him if she will participate in the show, and Yael did not hesitate to agree.

She is thankful that her husband is not like others who would be hesitant to allow their wives to be more daring. Even his family is very open-minded since they are all artists.

When people spend time with them, it becomes easier for them to understand why they fit each other. "If you really get to know us and spend time with us, it becomes kinda clear."

Some people ask her why they don't have many pictures on Instagram, but Karylle said their friends on Facebook are probably fed up with their selfies.

Meanwhile, Karylle shared she is happy for mother Zsa Zsa Padilla and her blooming lovelife. The Divine Diva earlier admitted to having a boyfriend, architect Conrad Onglao.

She likes Conrad for her mom because he is very sweet, supportive and thoughtful. She said, though, that Zsa Zsa cannot get married this year because it would be "sukob," a traditional Filipino belief.

They should start talking about getting married next year because Karylle wants her mom to enjoy this stage in her relationship.

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Karylle Is Enjoying The Married Life

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