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Jake Vargas Is Not A Battered Boyfriend, Bea Binene Says

Bea Binene denied that Jake Vargas is a battered boyfriend, and that she slaps him at the back of his head when they fight. She said that she has always been "one of the boys," so she easily gets along with her guy friends and she acts less like a girl.

What she doesn't like about Jake is that he's too nice and giving to his friends and other people. She wants him to know his limits, although she is thankful that he changed a lot over the years. Bea said her boyfriend is a gentleman and he knows how to take care of her.

The two have been a loveteam since four years ago while their relationship has lasted for two-and-a-half years already.

This makes it easy for them to work together because they have been doing this for so long, and they know each other's technique already.

They don't have to advise each other of acting techniques because they know what they need to do anymore. They are also very patient and understanding of each other when it comes to their scenes.

Bea is only 16 years old while Jake is already 22 years old. They broke up a year ago, but got back together again. Jake said their relationship is more mature now.

Bea, for her part, said they know how to handle their relationship. They know now how to choose their battles, and that they should not argue about all the little things they find wrong about each other.

The young actress said she wasn't the one who asked Jake to tattoo her name on his arm. He told her he would get a tattoo, so she did not say anything against it. She was surprised when she found out that he got her name tattooed on his arm because she thought he was just joking.

On the other hand, Jake said he won't remove Bea's name on his arm even if they broke up. Who knows, Jake added, they might be back together again in the future.

If they break up, Jake said he won't be entering into a relationship for a while because his focus is not on his lovelife. He is in a relationship now because Bea is always with him and he fell for her already.

Meanwhile, both of them will star in GMA-7's "Strawberry Lane." Bea (Clarissa) will star alongside Kim Rodriguez (Jack), Joyce Ching (Dorina), Joanna Marie Tan (Lupe) and Rita de Guzman (Lavinia).

It's okay that she won't be the leading role in the series, Bea said, because she trusts GMA-7 will decide what's best for her.

She didn't think twice to accept the role because she has been without a drama for over a year. She just wants to do well in the drama, and she is not focused on outshining anyone.

This is an opportunity for Bea to prove that she can also do drama. She has been doing comedy shows for the past year.

Jake, on the other hand, will play the role of a spoiled brat in the drama. This is the first time he will be playing this kind of a role. Although he had to do research for the role of Gabo, Jake said it came natural to him because there are times that he, too, can be cranky.

He and Bea won't have a kissing or intimate scene in "Strawberry Lane" because he is sure Bea's mother won't allow her daughter to do it. "Strawberry Lane" will premiere on September 15, Monday, after "24 Oras."

Jake and "Strawberry Lane" co-star Rita de Guzman already had a love scene in the indie film "Asintado." It was director Louie Ignacio's decision for them to do it. Jake was surprised with that direction, but he was okay with it because it was different from the things he did in the past.

Next time, though, Jake won't be agreeing to do intimate scenes because it might affect his image. He still wants to have a wholesome image.

His manager, German Moreno, also doesn't want a sexy image for him. That is why Jake is not planning to join the Cosmo Bachelor Bash wherein most of Kapuso artists have participated.

He might do it in two years, though, Jake added.

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Jake Vargas Is Not A Battered Boyfriend, Bea Binene Says

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