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Melissa Ricks Has No Plans Yet To Settle Down With Non-Showbiz Boyfriend

Melissa Ricks admitted she and non-showbiz boyfriend Charles Togezaki have already talked about marriage, but she clarified that they are not planning to do it anytime soon.

Although she is pregnant already, Melissa and Charles are not rushing to get married. She said that they have to prepare for it financially, emotionally and mentally. For now, their focus is on their baby. Besides, Melissa wants him to propose to her.

Melissa and Charles made their first public appearance since announcing she was pregnant during the 8th Star Magic Ball. Melissa said she didn't want to go at first but her friend, Bianca Manalo, cajoled her to. She enjoyed her stay at the ball.

The actress also shared how happy she is that her fans have been very supportive of her pregnancy. She didn't receive any negative comments on her social networking accounts. Everybody was positive, and they wished her the best.

Melissa, at first, didn't want to reveal her pregnancy because she thought she was going to be bashed and criticized.

Charles, she shared, was her schoolmate at OB Montessori. She was in sixth grade while he was in fourth year high school. They met again when she was in high school, and he introduced himself to her.

They lost touch again, but met during Bianca's birthday party last year. Charles is also a friend of Bianca and Gretchen Fullido. Charles is a chef and a businessman. He has partners in his restaurants.

Meanwhile, Melissa said she has a smooth pregnancy so far, although she was very sickly during her first trimester. Her doctor told her to enjoy these days because she was in her sixth month only. Once she reaches her seventh month, she may not be able to go out of the house.

She already knows the gender of her baby, but she doesn't want to reveal it yet because she wants it to be a surprise. Melissa said she already shared her pregnancy and her baby daddy to the public, so that is enough for now.

Melissa has no regrets about her pregnancy. She always wanted to have a baby by the time she's 25 years old. She's already 24 years old now.

Although they didn't plan to have a baby before they were married, Melissa said they consider it a blessing from God. She is sure she will learn a lot of things, and she will become responsible.

She still plans to come back to showbiz after she gives birth and loses the pregnancy weight. She wants to act, and she hopes she has something to come back to.

Charles is very supportive of her plans to go back to showbiz. In fact, he said he will be the one to prepare her food, so she will lose weight after her pregnancy. Melissa said she wants to save up for her baby on her own.

Melissa is now busy in her business venture, FAB Bazaar, with friends Ara Mina and Farah Ongkingco. This is the first time she will be a part of the business, although she has supported Ara and Farah in their first two bazaars.

The actress said she was invited by her friends, so she has an income while she's pregnant. She's still learning the ropes of the business, so Ara and Farah are responsible for the more difficult aspects of their venture.

Both Ara and Melissa are pregnant. Ara is one month ahead of her, so Melissa joked that it's an "in" thing to be pregnant these days.

She shrugged off comments by people saying she should have gotten married first before she became pregnant. Melissa said she feels loved and blessed, and that's more important than getting married.

For now, they are not focusing on getting married because they want to prioritize their baby.

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Melissa Ricks Has No Plans Yet To Settle Down With Non-Showbiz Boyfriend

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