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Tom Rodriguez And Carla Abellana Taking Things Slow

Tom Rodriguez said it's better for him and Carla Abellana to take things slower in terms of the future of their friendship. They have grown closer over the years, especially after they have worked in several projects together.

Earlier, both Carla and Tom admitted they are more than just friends, with Tom even sending a song or poem to Carla every now and then.

Tom said he doesn't want to rush into things--that's one of the things he learned in his previous relationships. He would feel really lucky if he and Carla will be an item.

He remains optimistic about them, but he doesn't want to rush things and make a mess of it.

He and Carla have the same goals--their families and their careers. Carla, Tom said, has her on a particular set of priorities. That is the same for him.

He is the eldest child, so he wants to take care if his family. Although he was never obligated by his parents to help, he wants to make sure his parents are stable. He wants them to have a house here and be able to retire early and spend time with their grandchildren.

Until he sees his family settled down, he doesn't want to make individual goals for himself. After he sees that his parents are alright, then that's the time he can save up for his own family's future.

Those are his goals and priorities now, Tom added.

He is getting to know Carla better, especially since they are able to spend more time together when they are working on their projects. He denied courting her outrightly, but he did admit to sending out feelers to Carla that he likes her.

He started seeing her more than a friend when they did "My Destiny" because he has gotten to know her better. Tom is in awe of how beautiful Carla inside and out. He does not know if people are aware of how nice she is, especially to people close to her.

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Tom Rodriguez And Carla Abellana Taking Things Slow

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