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Rocco Nacino Hurt By Erik Matti's Comments Against Lovi Poe

Although he does not want to reveal the reasons why his girlfriend Lovi Poe could not do the two-day shoot for "Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles," Rocco Nacino admitted he was hurt by the way Direk Erik Matti lambasted her on Facebook.

Rocco said there was no need for the director's hurtful words on Facebook because the parties could have talked privately. Direk Erik called Lovi a "starlet" and alleged that she only wants money to do the project.

For Rocco, it wasn't about money for Lovi because he saw her do one-day movie cameo roles before. She is always after the quality of the movie.

Rocco said if he could talk to the director, he would speak to him man to man. He would tell him that there was no need for the post, and that it could have been settled peacefully.

The actor was with Lovi when she read the post. She was really devastated, Rocco said, adding that he will always defend Lovi because he knows who she truly is. Even the actors and actresses she has worked with know that she's not after the money when doing a project.

But when asked about Lovi's reasons for not agreeing to reprise her short role for the sequel of the "Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles," Rocco did not want to comment. He said it should come from Lovi or her manager.

Direk Erik said Lovi was under contract and obligation to reprise her role for a few scenes in the beginning of the film. However, he added that they are looking for a replacement already.

He also said Lovi and her manager only agreed to do the role if they will pay her handsomely.

Rocco thinks the words said by the director were "foul." Direk Erik mentioned that he won't be directing Lovi anymore. As for him, he will have to settle the issue with Direk Erik before working with him in the future.

Meanwhile, Rocco is busy in his role as a former military man in "Hiram Na Alaala," which he will star in with Dennis Trillo and Kris Bernal. To prepare for the role, Rocco had to undergo training at the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City.

It was a very physical and challenging training, Rocco said, but he's glad he was able to prove himself. He added that he had always wanted to do action films.

He never dreamed to be a soldier. He wanted to be a doctor, especially after graduating with a degree in nursing. Rocco said maybe he can become an army doctor.

His character would have to go through a lot--from being a student to a PMA cadet to going to war to coming home and finding his way back. It's a complex character, he said.

He has a lot of respect for soldiers because he personally saw when he underwent training at the V. Luna General Hospital how difficult it is for them. Rocco said he is happy to have the experience because it allowed him to appreciate the soldiers more.

This is the third time he will be working with Kris. Over the years, he saw her take on more mature roles. On the other hand, Rocco is working with Dennis for the second time.

One of the things he needed to do for the role is to cut his hair shorter. The only question he had was when he had to cut his hair again because there was a scene that had to be reshot.

It was not an issue, though, because he understood and immediately agreed to cut his hair even though it has grown longer already.

Rocco will be participating in the Bench underwear show, "The Naked Truth." He is on a special pasta and rice diet now. He and Lovi were the ones to make it since they researched about it.

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Rocco Nacino Hurt By Erik Matti's Comments Against Lovi Poe

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