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Ai Ai Delas Alas Introduces 20 Year Old Non Showbiz Boyfriend

Comedy Concert Queen Ai-Ai Delas Alas finally introduced her 20-year-old, non-showbiz boyfriend Gerald Sibayan to her showbiz and non-showbiz friends.

This happened during the 48th birthday celebration of director Wenn Deramas last Saturday. Although Ai-Ai already introduced Gerald to her non-showbiz friends during the celebration for Virgin Mary's birthday last September 8, she has yet to confirm it with her showbiz friends until Direk Wenn's birthday.

Gerald also confirmed the relationship on September 15, a day after Direk Wenn's birthday.

Ai-Ai said Gerald was a former badminton player for the De La Salle University. She met him when she became the team's manager. She, however, said she asked Gerald to stop playing badminton, so he can focus on his studies.

The comedienne shared that Gerald wants to be a pilot in the future. But in order to do that, he must finish a four-year course first. He will then enroll at PAL afterwards.

Gerald came from a family of soldiers, but he has no plans to follow in his parents' footsteps.

She, however, said they have no plans to get married. She is enjoying what they have now. She's better off with a younger man than with someone who's married or who's separated but has children.

Ai-Ai said that before, she has to get along with the children and with the parents. At least now, she only has a "national team" to befriend, she joked.

The actress shared that her children are all happy for her. They are okay with Gerald as long as he makes her happy and he doesn't hurt her like what happened with ex-husband Jed Salang.

Sofia and Nicolo, her two children, are based in the US. She was able to tell them slowly about Gerald. They are okay with him, and they might meet him when they go home to Manila in December.

She said her children are not going to stay here for good anymore. They are based in the US already. They went home during school break for two weeks, but they went back there immediately.

Sophia is already on her first year of college and taking up child development. Nicolo will undergo training for the US Army. He just has to take one college term first before entering the Army.

Ai-Ai said she still financially supports her children even though Nicolo already has a job in an airplane manufacturing company. Sofia joked that her mother should not send money to Nicolo anymore, but Ai-Ai cannot do that.

Nicolo dreams of taking his girlfriend home to the Philippines. She is proud that her son was able to maintain a long-term and long-distance relationship. Nicolo has been with his girlfriend, who is based in London, since fifth grade.

He is not planning to settle down anytime soon, but she knows Nicolo wants to marry his girlfriend in the future.

Ai-Ai said her children have successful lovelives, which puzzled her because she always failed in the aspect. However, she feels this is the time for her to have a successful relationship.

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ai ai boyfriend 20 year old
ai ai boyfriend 20 year old
ai ai boyfriend 20 year old
ai ai boyfriend 20 year old

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Ai Ai Delas Alas Introduces 20 Year Old Non Showbiz Boyfriend

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