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Heart Evangelista Prepares For February Wedding

Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero are still in the early stages of planning for their wedding, so the actress said it hasn't fully sunk in yet.

She is meeting with their wedding coordinator twice a week, and they are in the second stage of their preparations. Their motif or theme will be a clean and crisp white.

There will be two weddings: one in Balesin on February 15, and the other one on February 18 in Manila. The first one would compose only of their close friends and family while the second one would be with their friends and even their fans in Manila.

She never thought that preparing for a wedding would be this special for a would-be bride.

Heart explained that when the issue with Cesca Litton cropped up, they were both surprised because they haven't even decided when to hold their wedding in Balesin. Cesca also scheduled her wedding on February 14 next year.

Heart said they were choosing between February 14 and 15 because she doesn't want to get married on her birthday since a lot of people won't be there to celebrate with them. She also opted to get married on the 15th because that is the first day that she is 30 years old already.

Cesca will get married to businessman Tyke Kalaw, who is a member of Balesin Club Resort. There was a mix up in the dates, and Cesca's camp earlier accused they were bumped off to favor Heart and Chiz. The owner of Balesin, however, explained that he was the one to reserve that date for the celebrity-politician couple.

Heart tried to talk to Cesca, who, like her, was also the former girlfriend of Jericho Rosales. The actress said she tried to reach out to them, but it doesn't seem like they want to talk. She just wished Cesca the best.

Cesca and Tyke decided to look for another venue for their wedding.

She called two of their common friends, but to no avail. She wanted to tell Cesca that February 14 is still an open date, so they can take it.

Cesca cleared Heart and Chiz from the issue, and said her concern was about the way Balesin's management handled the incident. Heart is thankful to her, but she revealed that Cesca told a friend of theirs that she won't stop her other friends from bashing Heart on social networking sites.

Honestly, Heart is not thinking much about Cesca because she's too stressed out by other things like her parents not going to the wedding. Her parents initially did not like Chiz for their daughter, which led to a falling off between Heart and Rod and Cecile Ongpauco.

Recently, Heart said she mended the fence with her parents, but this does not mean they are fine with Chiz as her future husband already. There are still five-and-a-half-months to go, so Heart is hopeful things will still change and her parents would go to her Balesin wedding.

Her dad told her that he cannot see the wedding ceremony itself because he cannot bear the thought of having to give away her daughter to Chiz. Heart is the youngest of the Ongpaucos. She said she is willing to shield her dad from the pain of seeing her walk down the aisle.

Rod told her it's back to normal for them the next day.

A day after her engagement to the senator, Heart posted a photo with her mother, which led some to believe that everything is fine between them. That's not the case, but the actress said they decided to let bygones be bygones and just not miss out on each other's lives.

It was a very casual meet-up, Heart said.

A lot has changed in her life since she has gotten engaged, Heart said. She thought about the next steps in her career and her personal life. She focused on so many things. However, she also didn't want to stress herself too much because she wants to enjoy this moment.

After their wedding, Heart said she will still be active in showbiz since the senator is not the kind of person to stop her from pursuing her passion. She will still do soap operas, but she might focus more on hosting.

Now that she is on the way to getting married, Heart said she's enjoying the remaining months as a single person. She sets aside a certain amount for her shopping spree.

They won't be having babies right away because Heart wants to give herself around three years to adjust as a wife. Asked where they will go for their honeymoon, the actress said they haven't talked about it, but she's fine wherever it is as long as it will fit Chiz's schedule.

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Heart Evangelista Prepares For February Wedding

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