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Mary Christine Jolly Insists She Was Abused By Derek Ramsay

Mary Christine Jolly revealed she was a victim of Derek Ramsay's physical, emotional and financial abuse. She denied the accusations Derek put into his counter-affidavit that was submitted on August 21.

Mary's reply affidavit was supposed to be submitted to the Makati Prosecutor's Office on September 18, but she decided to withdraw this because she and Derek have finally reached an agreement.

Derek went to the prosecutor's office when he found out that their 11-year-old son was there. There, they agreed to the visitation, financial and citizenship rights of their son. He arrived with his parents—Derek Arthur Ramsay Sr., Remedios Ramsay, and some other relatives.

Before this, Mary and her legal counsel, Atty. Argee Gueverra, held a press conference at Max's Restaurant in Jupiter Street, Makati City.

In her reply affidavit, Mary slammed Derek's accusations that he never laid a hand on her. She cited one example that triggered her to finally leave Derek and temporarily stay with her friend.

Mary said she was also verbally abused by the actor, especially during the times they were arguing about Derek's womanizing ways. He allegedly demoralized her, so that she will lose her self-esteem and confidence.

She also denied that she has suicidal tendencies, and that she is capable of hurting herself. She added that that there is no truth to what Derek said that she etched an "I hate Derek" message on her arm. She also did not attempt to jump down from the window of their apartment.

Mary further denied she had an abortion, although she was not surprised that Derek will stoop down to that level to prove his "innocence."

She gave birth to their son on June 28, 2003, but Derek only talked to them in 2010 when he finally agreed to do a paternity test. Although it was proven that he was the father, he never recognized his son immediately.

In 2011, they had an agreement about Derek's financial obligations, but he violated some provisions of their agreement. She had a hard time asking for money from the actor to pay for their son's tuition when he went to school in Manila.

He also did not want to pay the fee of the tutor recommended to their son.

Mary denied receiving P15 million lump sum from Derek for child support. She said the amount is irrelevant now because the only reason she filed the complaint was because Derek violated the terms of the agreement.

These were contrary to the statements made by Derek, saying he has always provided for his son. He also said he paid six months in advance for child support.

He alleged that Mary wants him to pay P45 million lump sum for her allowance, their son's education, etc.

Mary said she is a very private person, but she needed to take a stand for their son because Derek was remiss in his responsibilities. They are still legally married, after all.

She has given him enough chances to man up and face his responsibilities, but he never did. "He treats his child as if he doesn’t exist."

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Mary Christine Jolly Insists She Was Abused By Derek Ramsay

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