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Kris Bernal Slams Carl Guevara For Revelations About Their Relationship

As much as she would like to remain tight-lipped about her past relationship, Kris Bernal can't help but react to the revelations made by ex-boyfriend Carl Guevara.

Kris said she was surprised to know that Carl confirmed they were together for two years, even though she never counted how many months or years they were together because their relationship was an on-and-off thing.

She doesn't feel slighted by that revelation until Carl said he felt stupid because Kris didn't even know how long they were together. She wasn't the only one who made mistakes in their relationship, so it was wrong for Carl to make it seem like he was the only one hurt by their separation.

Their relationship was on-and-off because there were things they didn't agree on, but Kris tried to adjust to what Carl wants. She also made time for their relationship, and she doesn't feel like she was lacking in that aspect.

Their relationship didn't last because they both made mistakes, she added.

Kris said there were no regrets on her part for entering into that relationship because she learned a lot from it. Carl also learned from it, although he said he regretted being with Kris.

He alleged that Kris was a possessive girlfriend, but the actress defended herself and said she was merely caring to the people close to her.

She affirmed that there were a lot of times Carl did not inform her he was going out. She saw his pictures with people she doesn't approve of. He did this to her more than six times that she reached her limit already.

"Nag-adjust na ako, bakit kailangan pa ring magtago, bakit kailangan pa ring magsinungaling??

Kris said she was a dutiful girlfriend to him, so she doesn't understand why Carl was being like this to her. Although she wasn't perfect, she never gave any problem to Carl as a girlfriend.

She revealed that Carl is a different person when he gets drunk, that's why she likes knowing who he is with, even if he's only with his family, siblings or friends. They already talked about this before, Kris said, adding that there is no need to rehash it.

Carl was not only with his siblings or friends when he's going out. She saw the pictures, and there were people there who Carl just met in the bar. There were girls, too. She doesn't understand why he needed to lie to her when she made it clear he can still go out even though they are together.

She is not the type of person who goes to the bar, but she understands that about Carl, so she just lets him be. However, there were stories reaching her about what really happened those days, and these were stories that alarmed her.

Kris admitted there were times she was controlling, but only because she wants to save the relationship. In the end, she adjusted to what he wants and just allowed him to go to wherever he wants to go.

She wasn't expecting him to be perfect, but she also doesn't deserve this kind of treatment, Kris said.

One of Carl's problems with Kris was that she never wanted to make their relationship official. Carl earlier said it was because she wasn't allowed by GMA Artist Center, but this was denied by GMA management. Kris said she put limits to herself because she wants to focus on her career.

Even when Carl was just courting her, she told him about this. She said it's either he accepts it or not.

It hurts that Carl wasn't even thinking about how these things will affect Kris. Even though she has her own misgivings about Carl, she has always protected him by saying he has been a good boyfriend to her.

She was the one hurt by how the relationship turned out, but she's still being pinpointed as the culprit. She simply doesn't understand it. How come it was her fault? Kris asked.

This is a sign that she should really close her door on any possibility of getting back together with Carl. It's a wake-up call for her. She has heard many things from him during the time they were together, and it hurts her to know that he is that kind of a person.

What is her message to Carl? "Well, message ko, okay, Carl, alam mo yung totoo, alam mo yung nangyari, alam mo yung dahilan kung bakit nawala."

She wants them both to be happy. She asked Carl to forget what happened before and just move on with their lives. In the end, though, Kris said she's still happy for Carl.

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Kris Bernal Slams Carl Guevara For Revelations About Their Relationship

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