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Valerie Concepcion Is Trying To Work Out Relationship With Boyfriend's Family

Valerie Concepcion admitted that at first, her boyfriend's family does not approve of her because they want a doctor for their son as well. Her boyfriend is a medicine student who will soon be taking the board exam.

Valerie, however, said their relationship is much better now, although they haven't met face to face yet. Somehow, they were able to work out the conflict.

For now, they are simply making calls to greet each other.

She is hoping that her current boyfriend is "the one" already, although she knows a lot can still happen because their relationship is only eight months old. She met him through her cousin.

Her boyfriend, Valerie said, is older than her. He's 32 years old. He entered medical school at a later age because he stopped going to school after his bachelor's degree.

If he isn't "the one" for him, then maybe someone else is meant for her, the actress said. Of course, she is hoping she'll get to spend the future with him because she doesn't want wasting her time and energy.

She's happy to know that a lot of people see her as someone who takes relationships seriously. She is also flattered every time people ask if she's getting married because it means they still think she deserves a wedding even though she has a daughter already.

Her last relationship with basketball player Dondon Hontiveros ended two years ago. Her current boyfriend was the first one she dated before she went out with other guys. Those dates didn't work out, so she went back to her first date.

Valerie said she's happy to note that her boyfriend has a good relationship with her daughter, Fiona. They are more like friends, than daughter-stepfather. Fiona is proud that she has someone she can look up to as a father figure, the actress shared.

Meanwhile, Valerie said Fiona has yet to meet her biological father. Fiona is not ready yet, so the actress is not forcing her even though she heard from her ex's camp that he wants to meet his daughter.

She just tells Fiona to inform her if she's ready to meet her father. Valerie said she never taught her daughter to hate her father. Maybe Fiona is just not used to having a father because he was never there.

In fact, she always tells Fiona to respect her father, even though she cannot force her to love or like him.

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Valerie Concepcion Is Trying To Work Out Relationship With Boyfriend's Family

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