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Derek Ramsay Fights For His Son

Derek Ramsay said he doesn't care anymore about his career, but instead wants to spend more time with his 11-year-old son with estranged wife, Mary Christine Jolly.

He explained that he went to the Makati Prosecutor's Office on September 18 even though he was not required to because he learned that his son was there.

Derek hasn't seen his son in months, so he took that opportunity to spend time with him. He also revealed that it was only in 2011 that he confirmed he has a son.

In the past three years, his meeting with his son on September 18 was only the fifth time he has seen him.

Derek revealed he had a hard time explaining to his son what was going on with his mother and him.

Mary was supposed to file her reply-affidavit to Derek's counter-affidavit, but the two had an arrangement on Sunday regarding Derek's visitation rights, as well as the citizenship of their son.

Derek is a British citizen.

They will meet again on September 25 to finalize whatever agreement they have. Derek said he is determined to fight for his son, and spend time with him.

He doesn't want to comment anymore on Mary because she is still his son's mother, but Derek lamented the change in tones of her affidavits. He said that in the first affidavit, he emotionally and financially abused her. In the reply affidavit, he was a rapist. And now, he has physically hurt her.

Derek said that if he knew he has a son with Mary, he would have found an agreement with her on how to take care of their son. However, he only found out about him in 2011.

He sat down with them to find out what's best for his son. They had a contract drawn. Everything was smooth sailing from there because the other camp was the one who finalized and notarized the contract.

However, because Mary has been demanding different things now, Derek is not sure if he can be granted the visitation rights he is asking.

They are negotiating a contract again today. There was already an existing contract, so Derek doesn't understand the need for another one.

Where is the guarantee that he will see his son?, Derek asked. He already promised his son that he's going to spend more time with him, the actor said.

He's simply waiting for their next meeting. He believes in the country's judicial system, so everything must be based on facts and not hearsays.

Derek is hoping they can settle the issue between themselves, and not to drag it anymore. If there will be a settlement, he wants to focus on his son's education.

"I want a right to be a father. I want a right to see my son."

He wants to shoulder his education because that's the best way to give back. He also wants to provide a trust fund for his son, so his future will be secured.

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Derek Ramsay Fights For His Son

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