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Derek Ramsay Doesn't Believe His Son Wrote The Scathing Letter Against Him

Kapatid actor Derek Ramsay doesn't believe that his 11-year-old son composed the scathing letter against him presented to court in relation to the RA 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act case filed by his estranged wife, Mary Christine Jolly.

Since 2011, when he found out that he has a son with Mary, Derek only saw him five times. The last one was on September 18 when he decided to go to Makati Prosecutor's Office when he found out that Mary brought along their son to submit her reply affidavit.

Derek said the last time they saw each other, his son called him "Dad," and said that it was "the best day of his life." He asked him about it during the meeting, but he denied it and said he hated Derek.

He doesn't want to say that his son is being brainwashed because he doesn't want to say anything against his mom.

"She’s still the mom of my son, but I strongly believe that my son wasn’t putting up an act when he was with me."

His son told him that he's just acting up when he was with him, but Derek said an 11-year-old cannot do that.

Derek did not say how much Mary was asking from him. There were rumors that she's demanding for P42 million. He lamented that his estranged wife has to bring their son to the court with her.

Ever since the beginning of this court battle, Derek said he has been consistent that his son should be spared from the drama. However, the other camp was the one who published the letter online and they were also the ones who posted the affidavit online.

Mary handed out the letter to everybody during the press conference. It was hard for him to believe that his son wrote that letter.

The presscon he was referring to was the one hosted by Mary and her lawyer, Atty. Argee Guevarra hours before they were supposed to submit the reply affidavit.

Derek said his affidavit contains all the deposit slips, the emails and their text exchanges. He wants peace with her for the sake of their son.

Mary has a lot of requests and she keeps on changing them. In 2011, they had a contract drafted already. Derek said his demand was that he would shoulder the education, and that he would have to see his son.

Derek also criticized Mary for wanting to drag his past girlfriends into the mess. Mary initially wants the immigration records of Solenn Heussaff, Angelica Panganiban and Cristine Reyes to prove that Derek spent money on them.

The actor said he had given up to her demands so many times before, so he doesn't understand her need to run after his ex-girlfriends.

Derek said he wants a relationship with his son like the one he has with his father. He already introduced his son to his parents, sister, and his nieces and nephews.

They were all surprised to know that his son wrote that letter because they were okay the last time they spent time with him.

Derek denied Mary's affidavit that he raped her, and that he was doing ecstasy and drugs. He also denied demanding Mary to have anal sex with him.

His ex-girlfriend, Colette Centeno, flew back to Manila to submit an affidavit as his character background. She shared in her affidavit how Derek was as a boyfriend and whether or not he raped or demanded her to have anal sex with him.

Does he have a message for his son? He promised him that he will spend more time with him, and that he will understand him when he grows up. Derek asked him not to close his doors on him.

Like any other parent, Derek is concerned that this might have an effect on his son. That is why he doesn't want him to witness what's happening between his father and mother.

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Derek Ramsay Doesn't Believe His Son Wrote The Scathing Letter Against Him

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