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Matteo Guidicelli Finishes Filming For "Moron 5.2"

Matteo Guidicelli has just finished his first comedy film, "Moron 5.2," under the direction of Wenn Deramas. He replaced the role of Martin Escudero in the first film.

The sequel still includes the original cast--Luis Manzano, Marvin Agustin, DJ Durano and Billy Crawford. Matteo said he is aware that he will just be replacing Martin's role.

The role was offered to him after he worked with Direk Wenn in "Galema." He liked the first movie, so when the role was offered to him, he immediately accepted it.

The cast, he said, is amazing, and it was fun working with them. They are funny, and it was a learning experience for him. He's not really a comedy actor, so he was able to learn a lot from making this movie.

Matteo has a good working relationship with the rest of the cast. It was his first time to work with Luis, Marvin, DJ and Billy. He is the youngest of the group.

They are all very talented and funny people. Doing the film feels easy for Matteo, he said, adding that it was a blessing to be part of the movie.

Matteo is closest to Billy among the four. He is like a big brother to him, although he likes spending time with all of them. Billy is an amazing person, the actor said, and he gives a lot of tips to him.

They are both endorsers of Swatch. Matteo said Billy looks after him, and he always takes care of him.

Billy has been involved in several controversies lately, including his rant in a police station in Taguig City. But Matteo defended his friend, and said he was simply misunderstood.

"If you just know who really Billy is, you won’t think anything negative about him ‘coz he’s really an amazing person."

Everybody makes mistakes, Matteo said. In Billy’s case, his mistakes are being magnified. He will always be supportive of Billy, especially if he needs a friend.

He shared that Billy was okay in the aftermath of the scandal.

Meanwhile, Matteo denied he and girlfriend Sarah Geronimo had a misunderstanding because of the Star Magic Ball. Sarah was not able to attend it with Matteo.

He knew beforehand that Sarah won't be able to go, so he just told her that he wished she will be available next year.

Everything is okay, including his relationship with Divine Geronimo. He and Sarah always see each other, but he doesn't want to give any details.

Some said Sarah helped a lot in his career. Matteo did not deny this. Of course, it helps him because he is more inspired in his work.

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Matteo Guidicelli Finishes Filming For

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