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Derek Ramsay, Mary Christine Jolly Throw Settlement

Mary Christine Jolly formally submitted her reply affidavit to the Makati Prosecutor's Office on September 25 after her proposed agreement with estranged husband Derek Ramsay was dropped.

Mary was supposed to submit her reply affidavit on September 18, but decided against it because she and Derek agreed on a proposed settlement. This was still in connection with a case she filed against the actor's violation of RA 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act.

According to Mary's camp, Derek insulted them by insinuating that she is only after his money even though Mary said she was merely asking for financial support for their 11-year-old son.

Atty. Argee Gueverra said that it seems like Derek doesn't understand that it is his obligation to provide for his son. It's a perfect example of Derek's economic abuse against Mary and their son.

Derek is making it look like he can end this ordeal by merely paying them off. He wants them to look like they are after his money only even though he is obligated, under the law, to provide for his family.

Mary also doesn't like Derek's insinuations that she pushed their son to write that letter submitted to Fiscal Erwin Dimayacyac. The letter said that Derek abandoned him and that his father did not provide for him.

Fiscal Dimayacyac asked their son if he was really the one who wrote that letter. He said he wrote it inside his room to express his feelings for his father. He added that he doesn't like Derek.

The actor was teary eyed upon hearing his son's accusations. The fiscal allowed the letter to be included in Mary's charges against Derek, but their son won't be able to swear over it because he is still a minor.

On the other hand, Derek submitted also his rejoinder in response to Mary's reply-affidavit. Although the reply-affidavit was only submitted today, Derek's lawyer, Atty. Joji Alonso, said they knew the contents of the affidavit because it was posted on the Internet last week.

They also had three witnesses who took their oath because the others were already sworn in the other day.

At this point, Mary's camp asked the court to give them enough time to answer these new witnesses' claims. Atty. Joji said their witnesses only want to answer Mary's reply-affidavit.

The fiscal allowed both parties to submit their memorandum on October 13.

Atty. Joji explained why their camp did not continue with the settlement agreed earlier. It has something to do with the other camp's interpretation of the trust fund Derek would like to set up for his son.

"But even prior to the preparation of the proposal, certain statements were relayed to us regarding the interpretation of the trust fund, which is why we resolved not to pursue it anymore."

Derek's new witnesses are his mother Remedios Ramsay and his ex-girlfriend, Colette Centano Fox. It's only coincidental that Colette came home from London to lend moral support for Derek.

They were surprised to learn that Colette's name was mentioned in the affidavit. "So, it was very fortunate that she was around to negate the allegations."

Aside from Colette, three of Mary's friends also agreed to testify for the actor.

Atty. Joji said they don't believe Derek's son wrote that letter because an 11-year-old cannot write a letter "as angry and spiteful as that letter."

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Derek Ramsay, Mary Christine Jolly Throw Settlement

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