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Mary Christine Jolly Says Derek Ramsay Does Not Intend To Fulfill Their Agreement

Mary Christine Jolly said that Derek Ramsay had no intention to fulfill their agreement that he will financially provide for their 11-year-old son.

She did not submit her reply affidavit on September 18 because they reached an agreement that they will have a proposal for a settlement. However, one week has passed and there was still no word from Derek.

This only means for Mary that the actor has no intention to fulfill what they have talked about last September 18. She submitted her reply affidavit on September 25.

Her reply affidavit contains allegations that Derek physically, verbally, psychologically and economically abused her and their son.

They were married on April 3, 2002 in a civil wedding in Balagtas, Bulacan, but separated in September of that year.

Mary said Derek was the one who taught her how to use recreational drugs or ecstasy. Derek apparently enjoyed being under the influence of drugs while having sex. Mary said she was young, and that's why she did it.

They did it more than once, Mary alleged. She also denied that she aborted their child.

Mary also did not take lightly Derek's accusations that she was the one who taught their child to write that hate letter against his father. She said an 11-year-old already has his own mind about things.

"He wanted to write that letter to express his feelings towards what's happening and he's tired of it." Their son doesn't like seeing her getting bullied.

Their son even cried inside the fiscal's office while telling Derek that he can't stand what he's doing to Mary.

She questioned Derek's statements that he wants to be a father to their son. Mary alleged that he didn't even want to recognize their son until she sued him. He also did not fix the proposed agreement between them.

Derek is not looking for the welfare of their child. "And that makes me angry, and now I will fight it."

Despite the talk they had on September 18, Mary said Derek still didn't want to admit that what he did for 10 years was wrong. Enough with the drama and the tears already, she added.

At the end of the day, the only person suffering is their son.

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Mary Christine Jolly Says Derek Ramsay Does Not Intend To Fulfill Their Agreement

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