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Andi Eigenmann Says Jake Ejercito Wasn't With Her During Time Of Need

Andi Eigenmann broke her silence over the reasons why she broke up with on-and-off-again boyfriend Jake Ejercito, the son of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and former actress Laarni Enriquez.

Andi said Jake wasn't with her during her time of need, when her father, Mark Gil, passed away. More than the publication of Jake's photo, wherein he was seen kissing another girl, Andi was hurt that he wasn't with her during one of the most trying moments of her life.

The actress said that's when she decided to give up on him. When Jake found out about Mark's condition, he suddenly stopped replying to her. She understood, at first, that maybe he just didn't know how to deal with it.

However, she came at a point that she doesn't want to depend on him anymore and she has to think about herself and how she's going to deal with the issue. Then, she met Bret Jackson, an alumni of ABS-CBN's reality show "Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash of 2010."

She then realized that there are other people who are capable of loving her. She was contented with her decision to leave Jake behind.

Andi denied that her "relationship" with Bret is just a rebound. She met him before when she and Jake have not yet decided to get back together.

Jake, at first, was jealous of Bret, who continued to pursue Andi and who was there for her throughout the ordeal with her dad.

However, when Jake came back to the country, he and Andi got back together. "I would not want anything in this world but to be happy with Jake, because I love him so much."

They were on the process of fixing their relationship when the picture of Jake and the other girl came out on the Internet.

They were already separated when Andi started going out with Bret. She became happy with Bret then, Jake would suddenly tell her that he loves her and wants to get back together with her? She felt fooled by Jake, the actress said, adding that she thought she would be happy with Jake already when the photo scandal happened.

Asked if she thought Jake truly loved her, Andi said she isn't sure although Jake has done good things to her. She is aware that he can make her very happy if they can only work things out.

"Pero sana po, hindi ako ang sisisihin o mamasamain kung sa tingin ko, medyo masakit na, hindi ko masyadong matanggap yun sa kanya."

Right after the controversy, Andi and Jake had several posts on their social media that seems to be pointed at each other. Andi admitted posting several quotes and tweets about Jake.

She posted "it's an end of an era, folks" right after the pictures came out. But more than the kissing picture, Andi was more hurt with the other picture of Jake and the girl smiling at each other's eyes with their arms wrapped around each other.

Andi, however, said the girl doesn't look like she's special to Jake at all. She even posted that the girl on the photo is "not hot."

She was flattered when Jake tried to woo her back again because she felt that he was ready to change himself for her. Instead of forgiving him, however, Andi felt bad because it was too late for them. Jake could have tried to change when they were still together.

She decided to just focus on her family when she learned about her dad's worsening condition. She doesn't want to see him hurt because of these rumors, so she ended things with Jake.

All she needed that time was her family, she added.

Meanwhile, Andi admitted that she is aware Jake's family doesn't like her. It was okay with her because she understands them. She loves Jake and she was willing to prove herself to him and his family. Her family, on the other hand, loves Jake so much.

Asked if there is a possibility for them to get back together, Andi said "never say never." There were a lot of times in the past she said she's going to forget him already, but she ends up eating her words.

"But then, the moment na magkaayos kami, it’s like I wanna be with him forever."

Bret is currently courting her, but she doesn't trust herself anymore, Andi said, because she might end up hurting Bret and returning to Jake.

For now, she just wants to focus on finding her own happiness.

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Andi Eigenmann Says Jake Ejercito Wasn't With Her During Time Of Need

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