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Jake Ejercito Opens Up About Breakup With Andi Eigenmann

A few hours after Andi Eigenmann's interview on "The Buzz" about her breakup with Jake Ejercito, the son of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and former actress Laarni Enriquez posted his statement on Twitter.

Jake is now abroad continuing his studies. Andi said that Jake came home temporarily to the Philippines to fix their relationship. However, when they were about to get back together, Jake's photo of kissing another girl was published on the Internet.

Andi is now being courted by "Pinoy Big Brother" alumnus Bret Jackson.

Jake said Andi is the only girl he loved for four years, and she is still his "greatest love."

Although he doesn't deny that he's not a perfect boyfriend or partner, Jake said he already apologized to Andi and those who matter to them because of his shortcomings.

He regrets a lot of things he failed to do in their relationship. He is not washing his hands clean of the photo scandal, but he did not intend for it to happen. His only mistake was that he allowed it to come to that point.

Before that incident, he discovered something that hit him "like a truck." Jake, however, did not give details about what he discovered.

He said he's not using that discovery as an excuse, but it had an impact on how he reacted.

"I may not have chosen the best way to cope, but like what I said, I’m not perfect." He already apologized to Andi.

Jake never addressed the issue publicly before because for him, it is a private issue that should remain between him and Andi. He hopes this will be the last time he would have to talk about it.

He also thanked those who did not believe the rumors right away, and those who kept an open mind about the issue.

His statement was reposted by his elder sister, Jerika Ejercito. Jerika hoped this will be the last time Jake has "to subject himself to the public’s opinion about private matters."

Regardless of the public's inaccurate version of the truth, the only thing that mattered to Jerika is that Jake handled it well and he owed up to his mistake.

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Jake Ejercito Opens Up About Breakup With Andi Eigenmann

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