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John Prats And Isabel Oli Look Back On Their Relationship

John Prats and Isabel Oli looked back at how their relationship started right to their engagement on September 24. John organized a flash mob in Eastwood Mall to surprise his girlfriend, who thought she was just going shopping with John's sister, Camille Prats.

John said he first saw Isabel on "It Might Be You" in 2003. They worked together there with John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.

For Isabel's part, she first saw John during his show with former girlfriend Heart Evangelista in Ayala Cebu. Her first thought was that he's really handsome. She even ran after him to take a picture.

John said he found Isabel beautiful too, but she was with someone else that time.

Two years ago, John prayed to find someone already. He thinks his next girlfriend is "the one" for him. He found Isabel on Instagram, and he commented: "Hi crush."

He asked for her number, but Isabel didn't want to give it. Camille then mediated between them, but Isabel is still uncomfortable because John had a bad reputation of leaving girls behind.

Then, Isabel's friend told her to give her number to Camille out of respect because she was a senior in the industry. Isabel ended up giving Camille her number, and then Camille gave it to John.

John even found out that Isabel has a dinner date at one point. Camille advised him to propose to Isabel, so John visited her.

How did he propose as a boyfriend to her? He kneeled, John said, adding that he told her there will only two instances in his life when he will kneel--when he proposed to her as a boyfriend, and his proposal for marriage.

Did they argue much as a couple? John said the recent argument they had was when he was preparing for the proposal. Every time someone will text him, he would hide his phone. Isabel found it rude.

He planned the proposal early this year, but he knew the actual proposal will happen late this year already. He also entrusted some 350 dancers for the flash mob. He asked them not to reveal anything on Twitter or Instagram.

That day, Isabel thought he was taping in Batangas. He checked-in in a hotel near Eastwood Mall since he was fixing everything.

That day was also his mother's birthday, so it involved two very special women in his life. Isabel was there to have dinner with his mom.

When finally the proposal started, Isabel was thinking if it was their anniversary or something because John earlier told her it will just be the two of them when he proposed.

John kneeled down and asked her to be his wife. He said it took so long for Isabel to answer. "Grabe, parang nagdadalawang-isip pa ‘to!"

He said Isabel looked like she had a locked jaw because she couldn't move. He asked for a second and third time. Finally, she said "yes."

When the fireworks started, Isabel asked if it was for her or if Eastwood really has a firework display that time. John said it was all for her.

The actor-dancer is thankful to those who helped him make the proposal successful.

They may get married in April or May next year, Isabel said. For John, it feels good to call her his "fiancee."

Isabel told John she is thankful for having found him and for taking the chance. She thought she was hopeless in love already, but John proved her wrong.

She wished they are always like this--in courting stage. "I really love you and kahit anuman ‘yan, nandito lang ako para sa ‘yo, you know that."

John, on the other hand, said that dance was the "best dance of my life" because it was all for Isabel. It was worth it, he added.

Although he is not perfect, he will try to be the best for Isabel. He also believes Isabel will be a good mother to their little Prattys.

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John Prats And Isabel Oli Look Back On Their Relationship

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