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Derek Ramsay's Ex-Girlfriend Testifies For Him

Derek Ramsay's ex-girlfriend and former beauty queen Colette Centeno-Fox went back to the Philippines and testified for the actor, who is battling an RA 9262 case filed by his estranged wife Mary Christine Jolly.

She was dragged into the controversy after her name was mentioned by Mary in her reply-affidavit. According to Mary, she was the reason why Derek threw Colette out of their shared apartment.

Colette was the 1998 Bb. Pilipinas International. She was Derek's girlfriend before his relationship and eventual marriage with Mary.

In truth, Derek and Colette broke up in July 2001 after Colette chose to stay with her family in London while Derek continued on with his modelling career.

Colette said in her testimony that the actor was never violent towards her. This was contrary to Mary's claim that she was physically, verbally, psychologically and economically abused by the actor.

She was with Derek for three years. Colette said her testimony is based on what she knew about Derek's personality and characteristics.

She also decided to reply because Mary alleged that she was kicked out from their apartment. The truth is, Colette and Derek was sharing rent. When they split up, she decided to go back to England to be with her family.

Colette said she and Derek had a good breakup, and they remained friends until today. In fact, some of Derek's relatives even attended Colette's wedding in April this year. Even Colette attended the wedding of Derek's sister three years ago.

She maintains communication with Derek. She knew that he was married, and was familiar with all the relationships he had since then. He talked to her about his personal and professional problems.

That is the reason why, even though she was busy running her own travel agency in London, she went back to the Philippines to help Derek.

She knew from the beginning that the allegations are not true, Colette said. She hopes everything will work out for Derek and his son.

Colette said she, Derek and his family and friends know the truth about what truly happened between him and Mary.

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Derek Ramsay's Ex-Girlfriend Testifies For Him

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