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Chynna Ortaleza Remains Hopeful About Finding True Love

John Prats' proposal to her friend Isabel Oli made Chynna Ortaleza believe that she can also find true love. She and Isabel's other friends are very happy to watch a real-life fairytale unfold before their eyes.

It dawned on her that true love still exists, and that one of these days, she might find someone who will love her as much as John loves Isabel.

"It makes me hopeful na maybe one day, I'll find somebody, baka natatrapik lang."

Chynna ended her 10-year relationship with Railey Valeroso two years ago. They were one of showbiz's most enduring couples that everyone thought they'll end up together.

Since then, she has remained single and focused on people who love her. When she ended that relationship, Chynna thought her idea of true love was also shattered.

She realized she was focused on romantic love too much that she forgot there are other forms of love. There is love coming from her friends and from her family. She saw clearer the people who love her when the relationship ended.

Until now, Chynna chooses to be single than enter into another relationship. She doesn't want to date either.

She has been in a relationship for so long, so this is the first time she's enjoying the single life.

Meanwhile, Chynna shared that she knew of John's planned proposal to Isabel two weeks before it actually happened. She was in Japan that time, so it was easy for her not to talk to Isabel.

Chynna laughed after remembering how Isabel looked at that time. She thought it was an event since she even saw Sam Milby, John's bestfriend, playing the piano. She was calling Sam, but got interrupted when she saw people are taking photos of him.

Suddenly, people start pulling her and including her in the flash mob. She didn't want to come up to the podium even though John's family was cajoling her to.

Chynna witnessed the proposal together with other showbiz friends such as Ryza Cenon, LJ Reyes and Glaiza de Castro.

She admires John for showing Isabel how important she is to him. Even when they were still dating, he made it a point to be close to her friends.

One time, they had dinner and she personally saw how John takes care of Isabel's friends. She told Isabel that they fit each other and that their relationship will last.

There was also a time that Isabel was feeling down because of her dad and her career, but Chynna told her something great will come up.

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Chynna Ortaleza Remains Hopeful About Finding True Love

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