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Fabio Ide Is Proud To Be The Father Of Denisse Oca's Daughter

Despite not being in an ideal situation, Brazilian-Japanese actor Fabio Ide said he is proud to be the father of Denisse Oca's daughter.

Denisse is the daughter of actress Melissa Mendez. Fabio made the information public after the baptism of their daughter.

However, right after the baptism, a word war ensued between his girlfriend Michelle Pamintuan, and Denisse and Melissa. Michelle apologized for the hurtful comments she said to Denisse.

Fabio and Denisse had a "casual encounter" 14 months ago, just two months before he met his current girlfriend. He only discovered that he is the father of Denisse's daughter last May through a DNA test.

It was widely believed that Phil Younghusband fathered Denisse's baby.

Fabio said he had an "emotional relief" when he finally admitted that he is the father of Denisse's baby. He wanted to admit it months ago, but he waited for the right time (after baptism) because it's a sensitive matter.

It is not an easy situation because he and Denisse are not together as a couple. He said he was sure people will know he is the father once he appears during the baptism.

He talked a little about the baptism and the dedication ceremony at the Tipsy Pig in Capitol Commons, Pasig City. All his and Denisse's friends were there, Fabio said.

"And you know, things didn’t happen in a perfect scenario, but still, you know, my daughter cannot pay for the mistakes we made."

His obligation is to be a father to her and try to give her the best. Also, he needs to accept what happened.

Fabio said they planned to post the pictures on social media, and that it's unfortunate a word war happened between Michelle and Melissa, and Denisse, because of that.

Right now, Fabio and Michelle are taking a break from each other. She was there during the baptism and she's trying to accept Danielle, but it is still a hard process. It hurts Michelle a lot, although she is aware Fabio didn't cheat on her. It happened way before he met her.

When he found out he was the father, he immediately told Michelle. Fabio told her it's either she accepts it or not; and if she does, she has to support him.

They have been dealing with the issue for five months, and she's been trying hard to accept. It is only out of anger and hurt that she said those things to Denisse. Michelle told her through text that Fabio wished he never had the baby and that Denisse should have just aborted her.

Fabio, on the other hand, denied saying those. He has forgiven Michelle, and he knows she did not mean what she said to Denisse. He is also sure she regrets what she texted to her.

He is not focused on their fight, though. He just wants to focus on his baby and his career.

Fabio was the one who told Michelle he needed the space because he needs to put his life back in order. As much as he wanted things to be perfect, that isn't what happened.

Like him, Denisse is also trying to focus on their baby. She has been such a good mother to Danielle, Fabio said.

He denied the possibility that he and Denisse may get back together. They have been friends for a long time, and the only focus they have now is to be a good team for Danielle.

What was his parents’ reaction when he told them they are already grandparents? Fabio said they thought, at first, it was Michelle, but he explained that it was a girl he was with before.

He explained that he hold on to the news because it's a sensitive issue. His family is disappointed that they could not see his daughter because Brazil is very far, although they promised to visit next year.

They are very proud of him for taking on the full responsibility. That's how he was raised, Fabio said, adding that he is a family-oriented guy.

He has always been honest to Denisse that he will try to be the best father for Danielle even though they are not together.

Since the moment the DNA results came out, a month after Danielle was born, Fabio has been a father to her in every way. He has visited her every week since then. He also supports her financially.

Fabio changed a lot in terms of his priorities and his dreams. "You realize that no matter what you say, no matter what you do, there is something out there that you always have to look for."

He feels special because he knows that whatever he does, he's also doing it for his baby.

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Fabio Ide Is Proud To Be The Father Of Denisse Oca's Daughter

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