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Court Junks Roxanne Cabanero's Rape Complaint Against Vhong Navarro

The Pasig Prosecutor's Office junked the rape complaint filed by former beauty queen Roxanne Cabanero against TV host-actor Vhong Navarro.

The court junked the case because Roxanne wasn't able to prove the allegations she made against Vhong. There is also no evidence that there is "probable cause" with Roxanne's complaint.

Fiscal Christine Perolino said it is doubtful how Roxanne forgot about the way she fought against Vhong when he allegedly raped and harassed her. "Still, it is improbable for a victim of rape not to make an outcry against an unarmed rapist when she had every opportunity to do so."

No woman would give in to a sexual intruder, especially if her life is not in serious jeopardy, the decision said, adding that there is no clear indication that Roxanne fought against Vhong.

The court also questioned Roxanne's statement that Vhong dropped her off the lobby of the Astoria Hotel after he raped her when she earlier said that he doesn't want to be seen, so he picked her up 15 meters away from the lobby.

These statements are contradictory and defies logic, the decision stated. It is also uncharacteristic for a rapist to drop the victim off the hotel lobby and risk being seen by others.

It is also unnatural that Roxanne was able to observe that Vhong's car stopped 20 meters after dropping her off, especially because she was allegedly raped that time.

Roxanne also failed to give a reason as to why she only filed the case four years after the incident happened.

For his part, Vhong denied these allegations, and proved that he was with Vice Ganda in a concert in Island Cove when the alleged rape happened.

Meanwhile, the perjury case Vhong filed against Roxanne was junked by the court as well. It said that the complaint was centered on the date and time of the supposed rape when this was not even an element of the crime.

The date is only an important element when in regards to Vhong's defense, it added.

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Court Junks Roxanne Cabanero's Rape Complaint Against Vhong Navarro

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