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Niccolo Manalo Wants To Work With Dad Jose Manalo

One of Niccolo Manalo's dreams is to work with his father, "Eat Bulaga" mainstay host Jose Manalo. However, he prefers to keep his distance for now because of the issues between his mother and father.

Jose is being accused of not supporting his family after he and his wife separated. Allegedly, Jose is with a member of the sexy dance group EB Babes.

Jose knows Niccolo very well, and he is aware of how he deals with things, so he is just respecting the safe distance they maintain from one another.

For now, Jose is doing his own thing and Niccolo is also busy with his own indie career. He just won as best supporting actor for his role in the Cinemalaya film "The Janitor."

Although they are okay, Niccolo said Jose talks more with his mother because they are trying to fix the issues in their family. Also, Nicco said he is busy with his career. He is trying to be careful about saying anything on the issue.

Nicco is very open, though, to speaking with Jose, so he can hear his father's side on the issues.

The only thing stopping him from speaking with his father is he doesn't want to fuel more controversies. Right now, they are trying to fix what needs to be fixing. Nicco believes it is best for them to deal with the issues outside of work and behind the camera.

It would be best if they can fix their family before the Christmas season. As for the legal matters, only his parents know about it. He even has no time to speak with his mother because he has been very busy.

Nicco did not deny that he is affected by news that his father continued with his relationship with a member of EB Babes. Nicco said this is old news already, but he is still willing to hear Jose's reasons.

He will always be proud of his father, though, no matter what happened in their family.

His focus now is on his younger siblings. He wants to be there for them as much as possible. Nicco is also their father figure right now since their youngest is only eight years old.

"I check on them whenever I can or whatever I can do para maging available for them." However, Nicco doesn't speak to them about their father, so he doesn't know if they understand already what happened in their family.

Nicco doesn't live with his mother anymore, so he is not in regular contact with his sisters.

Although his father never congratulated him for winning best supporting actor in Cinemalaya, he is sure he is proud of him. They just keep a distance from each other out of respect.

They have their own reasons why they decided to have this kind of relationship.

Meanwhile, Nicco denied that there was an issue between him and his former manager Ferdie when he decided to transfer to Cornerstone talent agency. Cornerstone also manages the careers of Sam Milby, Erik Santos and Richard Poon.

He is happy with Cornerstone, and refused to talk about the issue because they have already settled it.

Nicco denied that one of their issues was his talent fee. He just laughed about it and said he is the one responsible for his decision to transfer to Cornerstone.

He remains grateful to Ferdie for what he has done for him, for his entrance into the indie scene. Ferdie knows that and they already talked about his decision.

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Niccolo Manalo Wants To Work With Dad Jose Manalo

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