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Derek Ramsay Shrugs Off Rumors Linking Him To Jennylyn Mercado

Derek Ramsay just laughed at rumors linking him to his "English Only, Please" co-star Jennylyn Mercado. He said he's used to being linked with any woman he talked with.

It just so happened that he is really respectful to all the women, and even men, he meets that he befriends them immediately.

He and Jen are just friends, and they formed a really good friendship because Jen was able to share her experiences in the past, which are similar to what Derek is going through right now.

Derek is facing charges for allegedly violating RA 9269 or the Anti-Discrimination Against Women and their Children Act. He is also fighting for the right to see his 11-year-old son with his estranged wife Mary Christine Jolly.

Jen gives him advice on how to handle things and how to remain positive. "For her to entrust me with that part of her life shows that she really considers me to be a dear friend."

In return, Derek also trusted Jen with his past, and they remain in contact whether they're on the set or outside of work.

He doesn't want to think about the possibility of falling for Jen because he just wants to focus on his issues with Mary.

Meanwhile, even amidst these problems, Derek said he's happy to have worked with Jen because he was very comfortable with her. He is also excited with their movie.

This is the first romantic comedy movie he made, although his favorite movies remain to be "The Janitor" and "Corazon." "English Only, Please" seems to be very light, but it is also quite challenging for the actor.

They are still shooting scenes for the movie, but they are near to finishing it already.

He is also excited for the pilot episode of the second season of "The Amazing Race Philippines," which he is the host and game master. It will start on October 6 (Monday).

The prizes would include two houses and lots from RCD Royal Homes, two Kia Sportage SUV and P2 million from PLDT Home Telpad. There are 11 teams competing, which are composed of RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhofer, Tina and Avy Wells, Eji Estillore and Roch Hernandez, Matt Edwards and Phoebe Walker, Charlie Sutcliffe and Daniel Marsh, AJ and Jody Saliba, Vincent Yu and Ed Manguan, Zarah Evangelista and Osang Dela Rosa, JP Duray and Kelvin Enles, Jet and Yna Cruz, and Gretchen Albaniel and Luz McClitton.

These teams are 10 times more competitive than the teams in season one. There were a lot of things that happened on-screen, but more happened when the cameras are not working anymore, Derek said.

It was definitely more competitive, the actor added, because the teams are more physical.

He is also proud that the show did not revisit a province they already used in season one. All of the places that viewers will see in the second season are original and never been used during the first season.

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Derek Ramsay Shrugs Off Rumors Linking Him To Jennylyn Mercado

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