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Bea Alonzo Dismisses Blind Item About Her And Zanjoe Marudo

A blind item has been making the rounds in the Internet, wherein Zanjoe Marudo was tagged as a "cheating" boyfriend who normally meets with different women in his hotel room when he is out of the country for work.

A recent "Banana Split" Japan trip was pointed out as an incident wherein Zanjoe kept on bringing different women to his hotel room until Bea Alonzo, his girlfriend, suddenly arrived in Japan.

Bea shrugged these rumors off because she trusts her relationship with Zanjoe. Besides, she doesn't know what these people's intentions are. She doesn't want to be affected by such "evil" doings.

She explained what happened during the Japan trip. It was Zanjoe's birthday but since he has work, they were not able to celebrate it together.

While Zanjoe was in Japan, Bea was in the country to finish taping for her teleserye, "Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon." She followed Zanjoe to Japan, though. It was laughable how this blind item cropped up because they were even Facetime-ing each other every night, Bea said.

What were their reactions to the blind item? Bea said she only knew about it because someone from Canada texted her and felt sorry for her because she was going through "something." She didn't know at that time what was going on, so she read the blind item on the Internet.

She screencapped it and sent it to Zanjoe, which found it really amusing.

Did she ask Zanjoe if there's any truth to the blind item? She didn't need to. In fact, they just laughed it off and even joked about it.

She is very sure that Zanjoe is loyal to her. She only hopes Zanjoe is really not going anything behind her, but instinct tells her there's nothing she should worry about.

Bea would not be in a relationship with him if she feels that he does not deserve her trust. That's the most important ingredient in their relationship--they are not easily jealous.

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Bea Alonzo Dismisses Blind Item About Her And Zanjoe Marudo

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