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Piolo Pascual Confirms Inigo Is His Son Through DNA Testing

Piolo Pascual confirmed that his son Inigo Pascual underwent DNA testing before they were able to settle that he really is his father.

This was first revealed by Piolo's sister, Chiqui Gonzales, in the special report of E! News Asia about Piolo. However, he doesn't want to talk about it anymore because it will only build up the issue.

He didn't know his sister would talk about it because he was with Inigo when the interview happened.

This came out after Piolo was asked if he prepared a last will and testament already (the actor is endorsing a life insurance plan). Piolo said his main beneficiary is his mother and son. But this will change if his mother should die before him.

On that special report, Chiqui also mentioned KC Concepcion, Piolo's ex-girlfriend. Chiqui said their whole family was saddened by their separation, including their mother.

KC's and Piolo's breakup became controversial because of the actress' tell-all interview in "The Buzz," wherein she laid out that the reason for their separation was because Piolo was not able to provide the basic needs of a girlfriend.

In the special report, Piolo was heard saying: "Either way, she was going to come out with it, and you know what I felt? I felt bad for her because she didn't have to resort to that."

Piolo said he still loves KC "with all my heart," but he wished she didn't have to do that in "The Buzz." KC's pronouncements led a lot of people to question Piolo's sexuality and fidelity.

The actor didn't want to talk about it anymore because it has been two years already since they ended their relationship. He also remained mum as to what E! News Asia will air on their special report.

As much as possible, he didn't want to go back to that issue. When he was being interviewed, they never said something will come out about KC. He was also not aware that they were going to release that bit of his interview.

Meanwhile, although Inigo is recently being seen in television shows, this is not an indication that he will be joining the industry. Piolo said this was just about his promotion of "Relax, It's Just Pag-Ibig," which is being commercially distributed by Star Cinema.

He only allowed Inigo to do the movie, but he didn't realize he would have to do guestings for the promo. Anyway, Piolo screened all of Inigo's TV guestings.

He doesn't want him to enter showbiz because he's still studying. Maybe after he finishes school or after he's 18 years old, then they can talk about it again.

Piolo doesn't even like it that Inigo kept on appearing in shows right now because he may get lazy to study already once he tasted what it's like in showbiz.

He wants to make sure Inigo prioritizes his studies.

Piolo also kept his promise to his son that he won't be in a relationship until he's 18 years old. He broke a promise to him before, so he wants to keep his word this time.

When the time comes that he's ready to be in a relationship already, Piolo said that he will still be the one to choose who he will be with.

If ever he will propose to his girlfriend, Piolo will probably keep it private because he wants to enjoy that moment.

All of his life has been under public scrutiny so if a proposal happens, he wants to keep it to himself. Also, he wants to get married in another country to keep it more intimate.

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Piolo Pascual Confirms Inigo Is His Son Through DNA Testing

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