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Gabby Eigenmann Doesn't Want To Meddle In Andi Eigenmann's Life

Gabby Eigenmann doesn't want to interfere into the life of his sister, Andi Eigenmann, who is being criticized for being involved again in another controversy shortly after their father, Mark Gil, died.

Gabby said each person has a different coping and grieving process. He assured that he is guiding Andi through the pain of losing their father.

Andi was put in the spotlight again after she broke up publicly with Jake Ejercito, the son of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and former actress Laarni Enriquez. They are rumored to be back together again.

Gabby said he always talks to Andi, and they would always share their problems with each other. However, he doesn't want to meddle into her business, so he just makes sure she knows he's there for her.

He commented on why Andi seems to always face problems in her lovelife. Gabby said being a single mother, Andi feels that she needs someone to be there for her in a positive way.

It's not easy to be a single mother, Gabby said of his sister. They have always been aware of what Andi is going through, anyway. He knows she will focus on her daughter, Elle, if the need arises.

Gabby said his opinions on Andi's issues wouldn't matter because Andi is independent, and she knows what she wants.

Meanwhile, Gabby said the Eigenmann family has a strong support system. Every time they get sad, they would call each other and hang out together.

He still cannot pinpoint a specific moment with his dad that is the fondest for him. There is no single moment that defines their relationship as father and son.

He misses his voice and presence, Gabby said. Mark died early September because of lung cancer.

Gabby described Mark as a responsible father. Although they never had a traditional family and they didn't grow up in one house, Mark made all his children feel complete.

"He would always make us feel… yung mga special events sa buhay namin when we were growing up, nandun siya."

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Gabby Eigenmann Doesn't Want To Meddle In Andi Eigenmann's Life

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