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Matteo Guidicelli Makes Time For Sarah Geronimo

Matteo Guidicelli makes sure he has time for girlfriend Sarah Geronimo even though they are both busy with their respective careers. The two were sighted in John Legend's concert last September 27.

As a boyfriend, Matteo wants to make sure he gets to spend time with the Popstar Princess. Even if they are both busy, they make time for each other because that's the only way they can create a healthy relationship.

Matteo, aside from doing movies and shows, also train for the triathlon while Sarah always has out-of-town shows.

Matteo tries to balance everything although he admits it's hard. "Pero kung gusto mo talaga ang isang bagay, kaya naman lahat."

He also shared that Sarah is a very simple lady who can be happy with the simple things in life. Matteo just tries to make her the happiest girl in the world with even his corny jokes.

As their relationship progresses, the actor-triathlete is able to appreciate how honest Sarah is. Although they are not usually together, Matteo is "secure" with Sarah.

He described Sarah as someone who has a lot of dreams to fulfill. However, those dreams won't be fulfilled overnight. So hopefully, Matteo can fulfill those dreams in the future with her.

He clarified, though, that they won't be working with each other either in a show or a movie. They want to work on their respective careers individually.

Meanwhile, Matteo was put in the spotlight when asked about his sex life. John "Sweet" Lapus, during the press conference of "Moron 5.2," joked that he feels Matteo was the one most stressed about not having a sex life now.

Sarah's parents have always been overprotective of the Popstar Princess.

Matteo just joked that he's doing triathlon, anyway. But seriously, he said he doesn't get offended by questions like these. He just deferred to co-star Billy Crawford, and said he had experience on this matter.

Billy's ex-girlfriend, Nikki Gil, has been very vocal about remaining a virgin until she's married.

Wenn Deramas, the director of the film, revealed that Matteo has always been the subject of jokes during taping because he's seemingly "naive" and "innocent."

He's also the youngest of the "Moron 5.2" stars, which included Billy, Luis Manzano, Marvin Agustin and DJ Durano. Matteo is only 24 while Billy, Luis, Marvin and DJ are 32, 33, 35 and 45, respectively.

Direk Wenn said that Matteo is always sometimes gullible, especially when Billy's making the jokes already. Matteo easily believes what Billy tells him to the point that he's sometimes teary-eyed because he thought what the singer-actor was telling him was true.

One of the things that Matteo thought was true was when they joked that Sweet had to touch his sensitive part as part of the initiation for being casted in the movie.

That is the reason why Sweet likes Matteo--because he's very innocent.

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Matteo Guidicelli Makes Time For Sarah Geronimo

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