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Jon Lucas Says Daniel Padilla Is Keeping Distance From Friends

Teen king Daniel Padilla is keeping his distance from his friends after the audio scandal publicized by one of his close friends.

Although Daniel never revealed who among his friends posted the audio file on the Internet, the teen king decided it's time he should be careful about hanging out with his friends. He earlier said it also made him rethink who his true friends are.

Jon is one of Daniel's close friends in showbiz. He said Daniel doesn't text back nor accept their calls now. He doesn't even join them in their weekly basketball game.

He is saddened because he hasn't seen Daniel since the audio scandal came out. Before, they see each other weekly for their basketball games.

But Jon maintained that he understands Daniel because if it happened to him, he would have been careful also of his so-called friends. "Damay kami kasi hindi naman niya naisip na kaya palang gawin ng kaibigan niya yun."

He understands that Daniel now thinks anyone can do that to him. However, Jon said they would never do that to Daniel because there are things that will only be between them.

Jon can never understand why anyone can do that to a friend, especially because Daniel has been a good friend to them.

He also said that Daniel limits his invitations now. Before, Daniel likes randomly inviting them to hang out when he has free time.

Jon doesn't know who was the friend who posted the audio file. He said it may be someone from Daniel's other group. Daniel is very friendly, and it's easy to be a part of his social circle.

He talked to his bandmates, however, and they told him that Daniel is just busy these days, so he was unable to reply. The teen king will just text if he wants to join their weekly game, his bandmates told Jon.

On November 16, there's a charity basketball game at the Mall of Asia. Daniel was the one who chose the people who will be playing the game. If ever, that will be the first time Jon will see Daniel again after the scandal.

Jon and Daniel's other friends understand him. They know he is just thinking about what happened.

In the end, Jon told Daniel that they will be there for him as a friend, and that they miss hanging out and playing basketball with him.

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Jon Lucas Says Daniel Padilla Is Keeping Distance From Friends

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