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Angelica Panganiban Faces Concubinage Charges Because Of Derek Ramsay

Angelica Panganiban is now facing concubinage charges after she was dragged into the cases filed by Mary Christine Jolly against Derek Ramsay, the actress' former boyfriend.

This will prove that Derek lied about his married status and that he deliberately ignored his financial obligations to their 11-year-old son. Derek and Mary were married for less than one year—from April 2002 to September of that same year. Derek and Angelica, on the other hand, were together from 2006 to 2012.

Mary finally found proof that they lived in together. Derek shouldn't get away with it anymore, she added.

Mary found proof through an interview of Angelica in Star Studio, where she stated the real reason for their breakup. Angelica admitted she knew that Derek was married way back in 2002. She also revealed they lived in together for five years.

Mary said her goal was not to attack Derek, but merely to prove to the country that he's a fraud, and that he's been lying for 11 years. She wants people to doubt Derek and everything he has been saying to the public.

In the said interview, Angelica said that she knew from the beginning the issue about Derek's married status. She also mentioned about his being a controlling boyfriend.

Under the law, the person who kept a mistress in the conjugal dwelling shall be punished by prison correccion in its minimum and medium periods.

Mary said this was not a personal attack against Angelica, and that she only needed to know that the actress was aware of Derek's status as a married man when they were living in together.

She's thinking that maybe Derek manipulated Angelica into thinking that their marriage was not legal. That's her perception of their relationship. Mary said it took 11 years, but karma has finally arrived.

There's a time and place for everything. "And now is the time for people to know that he treated me like crap from the very beginning."

Atty. Argee Guevarra, the legal counsel of Mary, said that they filed the concubinage complaint against the former couple in Paranaque because that's where they lived when they were still together.

Aside from the magazine article, Mary also presented "public interviews" made by Derek and Angelica. Included in the evidences is the controversial Boracay photo of Derek and Angelica in 2010. In that photo, Angelica was seen reaching out for Derek's crotch.

It's a slam dunk case, Atty. Argee said, adding that the two never kept a secret that they have been together for six years. It was a much-publicized relationship, she added.

Angelica also had a statement wherein she apparently told Derek that he turned her into a "kabit" or mistress.

Meanwhile, Derek's camp said this move was another ploy to harass the actor to giving into Mary's whims, who filed a complaint against Derek under RA 9262 or the Violence Against Women and their Children Act.

Atty. Joji Alonso said they were informed of a text message from several media practitioners, who received an SMS stating that Mary will file concubinage complaint against Derek and Angelica.

This is a "continuing effort" to try Derek by publicity, and it is only unfortunate that she had to drag Angelica into the issue.

On September 25, Derek confirmed the supposed settlement with Mary did not push through. This was because Mary had a different interpretation of the trust fund the actor intends to give to their son.

Aside from the trust fund, Mary also wants Derek to pay for her lawyers' services.

Mary answered the allegations that she only wanted to push Derek to the corner. They already know that she is going to file other cases against the actor.

"But at the end of the day, when you think about it in terms of the legal justice system, it’s my right though, regardless of how this stands up."

Mary doesn't know what Derek is fighting against because this is a lose-lose situation for him. The truth is, he abandoned his wife and kid and he didn't support them.

Derek had to wait for Mary to come out before he finally admitted that he's married and he has a son.

Angelica, on the other hand, refuses to comment on the complaint. According to her legal counsel, Atty. Francis Aguilar, they have yet to see a copy of the complaint. The actress will respond accordingly once she sees the complaint.

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Angelica Panganiban Faces Concubinage Charges Because Of Derek Ramsay

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