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Elmo Magalona Admits Janine Gutierrez Is His Girlfriend

Elmo Magalona finally admitted the real score between him and Janine Gutierrez. Elmo said that they are now boyfriend-girlfriend, but he tries to maintain the excitement in their relationship.

Elmo and Janine have always been mum about their relationship in the past, only admitting in February this year that they are "exclusively dating." The two were forced to admit their relationship during the pocket presscon for their series, "More Than Words."

The actor-rapper said he makes it a point that Janine won't get bored in their relationship, so he's always thinking of things to make it more fun.

Elmo has already talked with Janine's parents--Ramon Christopher and Lotlot de Leon--about his intentions for their daughter. He's close to her siblings as well.

Elmo said Janine is a good influence on him. Before, he's always guarded but his girlfriend influenced him to be more easygoing and to be more open. She's really fun to be with, he added.

As for Janine, she said that Elmo has been a good influence on her too because she became more disciplined. That's the reason she fell in love with him when they were doing "Villa Quintana" from November 2013 to June 2014.

Janine has a habit of procrastinating and setting things aside while Elmo thought her to do the things she can do now. That was an important trait for Janine because she lacks motivation.

Elmo shrugged off their age gap. He is 20 years old while Janine is 25 years old. He said they never talk about it.

He admitted, though, that he is more jealous of Janine than she is of him. That is because his girlfriend is a "really attractive girl."

They don't want to reveal when they officially became an item, although they admitted they were already in a relationship when they went to Hong Kong Disneyland in August.

That's the most romantic surprise Elmo did for her, Janine said. Elmo, for his part, said he really wants to bring Janine out of the country because travelling is fun.

They were also together with Janine's high school friends when they went to Hong Kong.

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Elmo Magalona Admits Janine Gutierrez Is His Girlfriend

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