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Maricar De Mesa Files For Annulment Of Marriage

Maricar de Mesa finally filed for annulment of her marriage to basketball player Don Allado because of "psychological incapacity."

Maricar said Don was the one who initiated their separation after seven years of marriage. She also alleged that Don has a mistress, and that's the reason why she decided to file the annulment case.

The estranged couple was not blessed with a child.

Maricar said she didn't cry over this anymore because she's exhausted from what happened to them, especially after she found out that Don has an extramarital affair.

She will never forget what Don did, and it will always linger at the back of her head.

She decided to talk about her annulment case because her lawyer gave her a go-signal already. She didn't give any statements before because her lawyer advised her it's not the time to speak about the matter.

Maricar said she feels a lot better after filing the annulment case.

She tried to make their marriage work even after finding out that Don has another woman in his life. She didn't want them to separate because she was also thinking about the years they spent together. But Don was the one who initiated the breakup, and he did not see her efforts to save their relationship.

Out of the blue, Don woke up one morning and told Maricar he wants an annulment. So, if that is what Don wants, then the actress will give it to him. She will make sure, however, that it will cost him.

"Ngayon kasi, I don’t get mad, I get even!"

They don't have a prenuptial agreement, so it was easy for them to separate their properties. They already sold their house and vehicles. Maricar feels that Don sold some of their other properties that she doesn't know about.

She also alleged that Don transferred the money in their joint bank accounts to his solo account. He already planned for their annulment, Maricar said.

There are two cases that Maricar is taking care of now--the annulment and the separation of properties.

As Don's wife, she has a right to half of what he owns, she said. Don thought she's not going to run after his properties, but Maricar said she's only taking what she is entitled to.

According to law, the legal wife gets half of what the husband owns upon separation.

Maricar felt she has been good to Don and the other woman because she stopped herself from filing a case against them. She thought about it, but decided against it because it will only drag the issues on. She just wants to get annulled, get what she's entitled to and move on with her life.

Maricar doesn't miss Don anymore because she's already over that phase. There was a time that she cried over him and the things that remind her of him, but that's over now.

She changed for the better, the actress said.

During the first two months of their separation, Maricar had anxiety and stress because she kept on thinking where she went wrong in their relationship.

She is thankful to her friends who helped her move on. She especially mentioned Direk Wenn Deramas, Almira Muhlach and Tanya Garcia.

Her non-showbiz friends also advised her not to persecute herself over the failure of her marriage. She was also advised to throw away things that would remind her of Don.

She deleted all their photos and avoided their common friends. Maricar said it was like being reborn. Maricar is ready to face Don anytime. But is he ready to face her?, the actress asked.

One therapy she's really thankful for are the projects she's doing right now. Maricar is busy with "My Big Bossing" with Vic Sotto and Ryzza Mae Dizon.

She wasn't able to accept projects after "Villa Quintana" because that's when the issues with Don cropped up. What she did was to take a vacation in the States, so she can think about what her next steps would be.

She's now happy, fully recharged and ready to work again.

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Maricar de Mesa Files For Annulment Of Marriage

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