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Gina Alajar Willing To Direct Carla Abellana

Former actress and director Gina Alajar is willing to direct Carla Abellana, her son Geoff Eigenmann's ex-girlfriend. However, if Carla will find it awkward, it might be better for them not to work in the meantime.

Gina said that she has no problem if she's going to work with Carla, although it may take some time.

On the other hand, Gina said her son is now a better person because of what happened to him and Carla. He has a better disposition now. She didn't know, however, that a lot of people think he's better now than before.

It's okay for Gina to talk about Geoff. For a time, the family did not understand him because he's usually in a bad mood. Even when he was growing too fat, they could not talk him out of it because it might not be the best time for him.

Gina felt she did something wrong as to why Geoff was like that. What they did was just to let him be.

Can she say that her son was better after the breakup? He smiles a lot now and the family can talk to him and he actually listens.

There were times that Geoff thought Gina was treating him like a kid, but she's only a mother who wants the best for her son, she added. Now, he listens more to her and realized what his mistakes were.

There are those who say Geoff is still "bitter" about his breakup with Carla. Gina said that's his way of dealing with things. "It takes two to tango."

Meanwhile, Gina said she does not want to work with Aljur Abrenica because she did not like the way he handled his issue with Geoff, who was linked with Aljur's ex-girlfriend Kylie Padilla during "Adarna."

Some directors of GMA Network are also rumored to be against working with Aljur because of the complaint he filed against the management. Gina said things may change when she's given the chance to decide to work with him.

She'll just cross the bridge when she gets there.

She also talked about her ex-brother-in-law Mark Gil, who earlier died of liver cancer. Gina said she was sad to know that he was sick. She did not know for a long time because the family kept it a secret.

Someone told her about Mark's illness, but she was not in a position to ask Mark about it. Michael de Mesa, her ex-husband, was the one who confirmed the rumors to her.

Gina pretended she didn't know when Michael told her about it. Michael was really afraid for Mark because he did not consult a doctor anymore.

Then, one day, her children told her that their cousins texted them and said Mark was hospitalized for one week. He was okay then and was discharged already, but he was still very weak.

That was the first time Gina saw him after she learned of his illness. She hugged him, but Mark was still being funny.

His passing was a loss to the industry because Mark was very passionate for his profession. In this industry, you have to work had to be successful. And Mark was like that--he was able to shine, Gina said.

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Gina Alajar Willing To Direct Carla Abellana

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