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Daniel Matsunaga Receives Several Project After "PBB" Stint

Daniel Matsunaga is reaping the rewards of his being named as the "Pinoy Big Brother All In" big winner after he received endorsements and project offers.

Daniel said he learned a lot from PBB, especially when it comes to valuing the little things in life. You only end up learning a lot inside the house because there was no sense of time or gadgets there. It was like living a few thousand years back.

All of the tasks they did inside the house have a purpose. It feels like a workshop. He is appreciative of the love he felt from the fans because they were the ones who catapulted him to where he is now. He's thankful to them for supporting him.

Daniel said who the public saw inside the house was the real him. It's hard to fake one's self inside the house because there are cameras everywhere 24/7. They didn't even know what gets aired or not.

But because the public were awed by who he really is inside the house, Daniel admitted there is now pressure on him to prove himself to them. He also has to improve himself and prove that he can do a lot of things aside from those the public saw while he was inside the house.

He's working on his acting chops because he knows there will probably be projects for him. He's willing to work hard, so he's practicing his Tagalog and playing the guitar.

"Kapag may time, I’m always trying to improve myself to become a better person, a better artista."

Right now, Daniel is still single. The last relationship he had was with Heart Evangelista, and that was two years ago.

One of the women being linked to him was his fellow housemate Maris Racal. Although she is still young, there is chemistry between the two. Daniel said he is friends with Maris, and she is a very talented person. He sees her as a little sister, however.

He doesn't mind that they are being linked because he knows the fans are just happy they have a good friendship--all of them inside the house. They are all good friends there, including Jane Oineza and Vicky Rushton.

Now that they are outside, they still go out and do a lot of things together.

Daniel's mother is here in the Philippines, but he's unable to spend time with her because he has been very busy. One of his dreams is to bring his whole family here, especially his father and brother.

Meanwhile, Daniel is happy to be endorsing San Marino Tuna Flakes. It's a big opportunity for him, and it was fun to work with the crew because they are all nice. "They really treat me nice and I don’t feel that all the time."

It's easier to do endorsements than to do modeling because in print shoots, everything is set already.

Daniel said it's really fortunate that he's endorsing tuna because he's really into eating it. He changed his diet recently from carbohydrates and sugar to protein. His diet usually consists of tuna or chicken.

Then, he also does outdoor and workout activities. That's the reason why he needs protein--to maintain or gain muscles.

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Daniel Matsunaga Receives Several Project After

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