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Tom Rodriguez Is In Awe With Judy Ann Santos' Acting

Tom Rodriguez had a wonderful and learning experience working with Judy Ann Santos. It was a different experience to see her in her role, he added.

Even when he has to go the standby area, Tom would prefer to watch Juday instead because he wants to learn as much as he can. He and Juday are working in "T'yanak."

He always wanted to work with Juday because he knows she's a great actress. It was effortless for Juday to characterize her role. "Andun na, parang everything just happens like magic!"

Juday can act with a press of a button, Tom said, adding that she has a way of making the scenes feel new and fresh every time.

There is one particular scene that came to Tom's mind when talking about Juday's acting skills--that was the death scene of Lola Kale (Liza Lorena), wherein only one camera was used but it still felt very theatrical.

Juday did it all in one take. She's on cue every time--frantic, crying and running from one place to another. He's wondering how Juday can just jump into her character like that.

Tom is also in awe of the directorial work of Direk Peque Gallaga and Direk Lore Reyes.

As a newcomer in the industry, Tom admitted that he has a hard time maintaining his emotions and staying in character. Sometimes, he gets distracted by the blocking, lights and even the shadows.

He's still conscious with these things but for Juday, she can be Julie (her character) in a snap of the finger. Juday makes it happen like "magic."

"I’m so impressed and hopefully, sana I took something away from it that I could use in my future work."

"T'yanak" opens in SM Cinemas on October 29. It also stars Solenn Heussaff, Adrian Cabido, Chinggay Riego, Lorenz Martinez, Channel La Torre and Sid Lucero. Janice de Belen, Yayo Aguila and Lotlot de Leon also have cameo appearances.

The movie is included in the Sineng Pambansa Horror Plus Film Festival 2014 of the Film Development Council of the Philippines from October 29 to November 4 in all SM branches.

Meanwhile, Tom shares how he is when taping for scenes. He doesn't like counting the sequences because he gets overwhelmed with it. He just takes a quick glance of the sequence because he already knows what the script is all about.

That's a mental trick he is using to fulfill his goals, even when he is doing push-ups. When you do pushups, 10 counts seem so many, so what Tom does is to go back to zero once he reaches five.

Tom learned a lot while doing "T'yanak" because even his directors were able to correct his little annoying habits like putting his eyebrows together when doing scenes. He just transferred that wasted energy to something more productive.

It's also intoxicating the way other people are working in the set. Everyone is so jovial, pleasant, welcoming and collaborative in the set that it's hard to full overworked and tired.

He's also able to give some inputs in the project. He has a voice there, Tom added, which is out of character for him because he's usually the silent type. "Here they make it very welcome and they turn it into a dialogue, na tuloy parang mas na-e-excite ka, you feel like instead of just being an actor, you own a little bit of the movie."

In the future, he likes to work with this team again.

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Tom Rodriguez Is In Awe With Judy Ann Santos' Acting

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