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Carla Abellana And Tom Rodriguez Are Not Yet A Couple

Despite their sweetness to each other, Carla Abellana cleared that she and suitor Tom Rodriguez are not yet a couple. She recently called the actor her "partner" in her birthday message to him.

But Carla explained that she was referring to Tom being her on-screen partner, and not her real-life partner. Whenever there are scenes that are difficult for them, they ask each other how they can help the other. That's what she meant by being a partner.

Carla and Tom were rumored even when the former was still in a relationship with Geoff Eigenmann and the latter with Kaye Rivera. Carla and Geoff broke up followed by Tom and Kaye.

Since then, Tom has been open about his admiration for the actress.

Carla, however, said that despite them not being a couple yet, she appreciates how Tom is as a suitor. Just this week, she shared on her Instagram account a bouquet of flowers given to him by the actor.

Most suitors would have their best foot forward, but Tom is different. Carla said he's very kind and very true. She sees Tom now as she saw him before--there are no pretensions and no masks or anything. He just exerts more effort these times.

On the other hand, many are wondering why Carla seems to be going through a personal problem in her Instagram posts lately. She posted several quotes about having faith in oneself and "better days."

But Carla denied that she has problems. She's simply very tired because she works almost 24 hours a day. She just comes home to shower. A three-hour sleep is a dream for her already.

Aside from "My Destiny," she is also shooting for the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival entry "Shake, Rattle and Roll XV” and hosting "Del Monte Kitchenomics" for GMA network.

Carla said she shoots scenes every day for "Ismol Family," "Sunday All Stars" and "Shake Rattle and Roll XV." There's not much time between scenes because she's the star of those shows.

Despite these, Carla doesn't want to complain about her responsibilities. Sometimes, she surprises even herself as to how she is able to attend to all her duties.

She's simply trying to stay positive, and she tries to remember why she's doing all of these.

When it comes to Tom, Carla said it has been a joy for her to work with him. There are co-stars who are difficult to work with, but Tom makes everything easy for her.

Meanwhile, Carla just shrugged off the comments against her by Geoff's fans and supporters. This was after she said she has already forgiven her ex-boyfriend because who was she to hold grudges when God was able to forgive the devil.

Some said Carla compared Geoff to the devil when she was the one who left him for Tom.

Carla doesn't want to talk about it, especially because Geoff has always been mum about the issue, too. She just let these bashers be because that's their time they are trying to waste on her, anyway.

They can do whatever they want and she won't be affected by them, Carla said.

Her teleserye with Tom, "My Destiny," will soon end. What can she say about their series? Carla said she doesn't know yet because she also gets surprised by what happens in the teleserye.

They get the script on an everyday basis. Right now, the scenes are intense because there are conflicts and tensions.

How would she like to end the series? Carla joked that they must kill off all characters because they're all so mean, nobody deserves to be happy in the end.

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Carla Abellana And Tom Rodriguez Are Not Yet A Couple

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